Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's a Girl

The cows were all out in the back yard mowing down the lawn. Except Mindy. Mindy was missing. What mischief was she up to now? #1 went looking for her.  He found this.
That little brown spot in the trees.
 Cute, isn't she?
 Following mama.
 Out of the trees.
 Up by the barn.  Finally, she gets some milk!

She was probably born on Sunday morning.  Mindy appears to be mothering well.  Baby is small, but walking and nursing well.

So- Mindy calved in June this year.  I think that cow is determined to drive me crazy. 

Last year she calved mid August, far too late, and the calf was lost to winter weather.  She had to have rebred right away to provide us with a June calf.  I was expecting another late August or September calf.  I was thinking that I would butcher her after she calved and take the calf to auction.

Now what?  She hasn't escaped at all this year (knock on wood), and she had a June calf.  If she rebreeds right away again, that should put her right on schedule for May next year.  And if she's not escaping and causing trouble, there's really no need to cull her.

And she had a girl.  The only girl this year.  Keep her?  Eat her?  Sell her?  I'll have to think on it a bit.

For now she needs a name.  Starting with the letter P...  Suggestions?


  1. Pansy, Paris, Patsy, Pearl, Penny, Pepper, Precious, Princess

    I am glad Mindy has redeemed herself! Maybe she needs a course in family planning for cows.

    Historically, human babies born in spring and summer lived. Babies born in late summer, fall, and winter were less likely to make it through the winter. Now, more nutrients in maternal milk, better heating, and generally a less harsh atmosphere has led to babies surviving being born year round and surviving. I guess all us mammals share some things.

    It is a cute little baby.

    1. She's still without a name. Mindy hasn't brought her out to socialize yet, so it's hard to get a feel for her. I am considering Princess though, since it goes so well with Majesty, lol. I'm just not sure a Mindy calf could really be a Princess...