Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's in a Name?

Some critters, you just know, the minute you see them.  Like Mildred, Mama, and Dorie.

Some critters take a bit more time, requiring names of great significance, like Mabel Victoria Anne.
Some critters need to grow into their names a bit, changing them to suit themselves- like my children.

And some critters go nameless for a bit, because nothing seems to quite fit.

Montana?  Major?  Monty?
Muffin?  Monkey?  Mozart?
Mischief?  Meathead?  Marley?
Several days passed with many attempts at an "m" name.  Since I named Mildred on sight, that makes 2013 an "m" year.  Which is going to be confusing later, since Mama and Mindy both came along before I decided to stick with a letter for the year.

He perked an ear the first time I called him Monster.  No response on the second time.  Still, it was better than the complete lack of response I had been getting from him.  Another two days, more names, no response.  And then, just jokingly, at the end of a long list, "Monsoon!"

He spun his head around and stared at me, as if to say, "What did you call me?"

I repeated, "Monsoon?"

He bobbed his little head up and down.  "Yup, I like it."

It's not my fault my critters have strange names.  Honestly.

Then, to add insult to injury, he hasn't been drinking much, seems listless, and has a touch of the runs.  
It seems he has found his own food source. One that never empties and doesn't seem to be aware that he needs to be cut off.
I noticed the milk production had gone down over the past few days.  I just assumed it was the excitement of being outside, meeting everyone, and wandering around in the snow.  Nope- we have a thief.  Or a relief milker.

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  1. lol! You are too funny, Wendy! And very creative with names :-)