Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day Of Spring

On the calendar, anyway. I took a few pics the other day- before I declared that it is indeed spring, due to a lactating cow and two hungry babies- to show that spring is a far off dream in the land of snow and ice.

This is the garden, as 'seen' from the road.  In truth, you can't see the garden at all, just the huge snowbank.
From the house to the road.  We are running out of room to pile the snow.  
The corner of our road.  The snow banks are so high this year that you're halfway through the intersection before you can see if anything's coming.  Good thing it's a quiet little road.
And what would the weather bring us on the first day of spring?  More snow!  Just tiny little flakes in a cool north wind, but snow none the less.  I'd be surprised if all of this melts before the end of April without getting any more!  It's certainly a far cry from last year, when we were out quadding in the bush.  This year the birthday boy will just have to be happy with a snowmobile ride instead!  Even that's a bit odd this year, as the snowmobile trails are usually at least softened up beyond use by now.

Everything is looking good on the home front though.  The weatherman is calling for rising temps and sunshine.  The heat of the cow makes the milk room a pleasant place to spend half the day.  And this bundle of cuteness running around makes it easy to remember, spring is on it's way!
Maximus and #1


  1. White clouds, white snowbanks, white snowflakes, white goat!

    1. Ahhh, the white! It stings my eyes!

  2. Replies
    1. LMAO- no? Honestly I haven't even managed to get it to sprout for the birds, lol.

  3. Looks like that here in NH-we had a snowstorm on the last day of Winter! Can't wait for warmer temps and green grass!