Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden Update III

Remember when I started planting the greenhouse? Remember all that open space?  See that tiny little 'cucumber' in the corner, in front of the bucket?  The baby tomato?  The little cauliflowers and brussel sprouts?
See how well they were doing?  See how the beans started coming in?  See how I started to doubt the cucumberyness of that corner plant?
See how everything grew and filled in, and the 'not a cuke' started to scare me?
See how I tied up the 'not a cuke', the tomatoes got bushy, and the little pumpkins in the front were doing really well?
See how I cut it down from the roof, opened the wall and pulled it outside?  See how it's growing big orange flowers and little green balls?  See how it's a pumpkin on some sort of steroids?
See how massive everything has become?  Both sides are open.  The other plant- the two seeds in the greenhouse floor through a hole in the ground cloth that probably won't even sprout so I didn't write it down but I think it was a squash- it tried taking over the other side.  I pulled it out through the other wall too.  I had a little pumpkin in between the broccoli and tomatoes, so I pulled it around to head for the outside.
See the baby cauliflower now?  See the corn on the left, and the tomato tree at the back?  See how there's no room to walk?

Notes for next year- cauliflower and broccoli down the centre.  Vines on the outside walls.  Cage all of the tomatoes!  Leave some foot room!!!

Meanwhile, outside in the garden...
If I could just keep up with the weeds...

We've had weeks of heat and high humidity this year.  The garden is amazing!

To be continued...


  1. That is quite mind-boggling. How on earth will you get to all of it to harvest it? I only wish I had that "problem." It all looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks. I'm just letting the beans go to seed. Then I'll pull the whole plants out. I'm squishing the pumpkins in the center. Trying not to kill them, but the tomatoes are just more important.