Thursday, July 7, 2011

Growing calves

Casper is growing into a fine little steer, nice and solid.  Dorie is a good mommy.
She babysits, too.  She didn't know quite what to make of Toothless when we moved him into the pasture, about a week after he arrived.  But after a couple of days she seemed to think he was alright.  We're not sure if she lets him nurse at all, but he has been accepted into the herd.

At three weeks old he's just starting to graze, and he has definitely gained some height. 

He's drinking 4L 6 times a day.  The instructions on the bag- 4L twice a day.  He'd starve at that rate.

He comes to the gate and moos if we're late.  He's a hungry boy.  We decided not to castrate him, but rather to keep him intact to service the girls next summer.  He's quite beefy in the neck and shoulders, although he's rather long legged.  He'll still be going in the freezer next fall, but here's hoping he'll be an agreeable bull next summer.

We should be buying a bull for this year soon.  Just a yearling, to service the girls and then go in the freezer in the fall.

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