Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Have a Bull!

A bull calf, that is.  i'm not quite ready to take on a full size bull.  Dorie greeted the young fellow playfully, putting on all of her girlish charms.

Let's bang horns!  He looks just like her, but smaller.  He's about 14 months old.  Same colouring, same shaped horns.  He's supposed to be a charolais cross.  we're calling him Steaks.

He looks so tiny beside her.  He's got three months or so to get the job done.  Then he'll go in the freezer. 

Casper tried to tell me this new bull was not necessary.  He mounted Nelly.  At 5 months, and hopefully castrated, I don't think that's going to work.  Hopefully castrated, because we did the bands, but nobody can catch Casper, let alone flip him over to take a look.

My little herd, relaxing in the sun.

Until I disturbed them.  "How close do you plan to get with that camera?"

Relax, ladies.  You've got a man in there.  I'll be keeping safely back BEHIND the fence.  'Cause I'm a big chicken.  My boys are making fun of me.  "He's just little!"  Yeah, that's right.  Just little, and calm, and gentle.  Until he decides he wants me out of his pasture.  I'm old and fat and short.  There's no doubt in my mind that he can outrun me.  I'll stay on my side of the fence, thank you very much.

Next year's bull?
He doesn't scare me so much.  Yet.

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  1. My hens would always do the cutest things until I brought out the camera. It's red. They ran or quit doing what they were doing to figure out what the red thing on my face was going to do to them. So, I took the chance of breaking it and held the camera lots and down near them, sometimes in front of my face---all the make them accustomed to a red camera. It worked. I don't even trust roosters. I am sure not going to get in with a bull.You are wise.