Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Ginger

Things haven't been working out so well with Ginger2.  She's sweet and friendly, and she's been great company for Tori.  But every time we take her out to lunge or ride, she ends up limping.
A 20+ mare, on high fat, high fiber (a pricey feed), and not suitable for even the little boys to ride.  We decided to replace her with a more suitable horse.
I bought Knightmare last week, kind of on a whim.  She's settled right in.  Her hooves need work before we even think about riding her, so we haven't done anything but lunge her.  The farrier should be here this week.

At the moment we have no idea whether she'll be a better match for us than Ginger or not, but we figured we had nothing to lose by sending Ginger off to auction yesterday.  At minimum, Knightmare will make a fine companion horse, and we've no need for two of those.
So there she goes.  Goodbye Ginger.  Good luck.

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