Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Turkey Pen

They start out so little...
But they grow fast!

At three weeks old, these little guys were pretty much into trouble all the time!

Their pen was coming though!
Posts went in and the frame came together.
Plastic on the roof.  The door went on.  Then the walls.  Orange snow fence up over the plastic on top.  The plastic can come down once the weather warms up, then they'll have lots of ventilation.
The fencing went on around the pen, and finally, the gate.

The turkeys were glad to be out of their brooder box.   Goose moved in to work as a guard.  He's been fighting with Rooster over in the chicken pen, so it's good for him to have his own brood here to watch over.

They're all happy to be out eating leaves and bugs and running around.
Growing extremely well.  Almost too big to escape the pen and break into the greenhouse now.
The little trouble makers ate the broccoli in the greenhouse, and laid on the brussel sprouts.  The brussel sprouts are recovering, but the broccoli had to be replaced.

So if you wondered how I could raise them, love them, and then eat them- there you have it.  They ate my vegetables, now I have to eat them.


  1. I love your logic! My mouth is watering. How many turkeys do you have? Will they all go into the freezer, or will you sell them at Thanksgiving?

  2. Very cool turkey pen, would have never thought to build it out of logs!