Friday, March 18, 2011

Ginger's Arrival

I was so excited when she got here that I ran out the door without grabbing my camera!  I missed some serious photo ops as Tori danced, pranced and kicked up a storm to welcome Ginger to our pasture. 

Bullwinkle was absolutely adorable standing in the doorway of the barn watching all the commotion.  Tori scared me for a minute as she headed towards him once, but she skidded to a halt in front of him and bent to give him a sniff. 

Dorie and Mindy were standing back a ways, but not far enough for Tori.  She drove them back into the trees, as if to say 'this is my new friend and you stay away!'

Ginger walked around a bit, found the hay pile, and calmly started munching.  Oscar was in the corner by the gate munching on hay when Ginger got a little too close.  He lunged at her, horns aimed at her throat- his usual domineering behavior.  She jumped back a step, and then toward him with her mouth open.  He fell just in time to avoid the crunch of her teeth.  He jumped back and stared at her, I think as stunned as I was.  Although all of the horses had attempted to kick him at one time or another, not even Thunder, the stallion, had ever tried biting him.  Looks like there may be some new rules on the playground.

Within half an hour everyone had settled down, and I went to get my camera.  The cows came up to eat by the gate, Tori and Ginger were eating by the fence, and most of the goats had hopped the fence to help themselves to the hay pile.

Ginger was the alpha mare at her previous residence, and I think Tori accepted that right away.  They ate together quietly most of the day, then disappeared into the barn for an afternoon nap.  They were back out together this evening, side by side, as if they'd been friends for years.

The boys- Patches and Pudge- aren't used to being outside for such a long stretch, but we talked them into posing for a cute pic before we went back in the house,

I have them advertised now, with a fairly hefty price tag.  Truth is, I don't really want them to leave.  Despite their mutty breeding and weird markings, physically they are perfect little labs.  And I adore them.  9 weeks tomorrow.

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  1. After a traumatic evening, I needed this sweet post. Will Ginger be the alpha mare at your place, or will she defer to Tori as the resident mare and be the newcomer and deferent?