Friday, March 18, 2011

Goat Update

This was one of Bullwinkle's last days in the house.  The orange/brown spot is actually a burn mark.  He was standing too close to the fire.  The weather has been warming up considerably.  It's above freezing most days now, with the lows overnight barely touching -20 C.  Bullwinkle spent a few days outside with Mama, but still sleeping in the house.

And then he really cooked himself.  We found him with this big stinky burnt patch on his side.  He didn't seem hurt by it, but he definitely wasn't learning to stay back from the fire.  It was a mild night, so we left him outside with Mama.  He hasn't been back in since.

Mama has had enough of being cooped up.  She wanted out to enjoy the weather.  Bullwinkle is right on her heels all around the yard.

The burn mark is already growing out, and he seems to be in good health now.

Nanner is eating non-stop these days.  I'm afraid if she gets much bigger she might explode.
Who needs ducks when you've got a waddle like that?

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  1. Awww... our pigger burnt himself too being too close to the heat lamps before he passed. I'm glad Bulwinkle seems to be doing better.