Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Companion

I answered an add for "an older mare, suitable for light riding or companion".  I received about a dozen pictures and some info.  I was hooked by the price alone.  Tori has been alone since we lost Sugar, and as a herd animal, living in the woods, with the weather starting to turn and the bears about to wake...  It's not good for her psyche.  She needs a companion.

But I got the pics and info.  And I was immediately conflicted.  Torn between "this was meant to be" and "this is too eerie to deal with".

This was Ginger.  She was Blondie's foal.  Born with contracted tendons, and despite our attempts to splint her legs, we couldn't get her feet quite right.  She's the only foal we've ever had.  Blondie was pregnant when we bought her and we didn't even know.  Ginger broke our hearts over and over again.  From the first ferrier visit when we'd be better off to let her go, to the vet who said we could try the splints and then changed her mind, to attempting the splints, to finally accepting that she would never be able to carry her own weight.

Blondie on the left.  Not a great pic, but the best I can find at this angle.  We sold her last fall, when we decided to downsize the herd (and the hay bill).  I've regretted selling her the most, after losing Rita and Sugar this winter.

Another shot of Blondie.

This is the older mare.  Her name is Ginger.
We went to see her yesterday.  She looks like a miniature version of Blondie.  She's only 14 hands 1.  The older three boys rode her, and they all seemed pleased with her response, although #1 was itching to kick it into high gear.  I know he wants to test out her abilities, but he has to be reminded she's older and hasn't been worked all winter, so he's going to have to be patient as she gets back into shape.  Not to mention the snow, ice, and unfamiliar territory.

The people she's with now bought her at auction last May.  She was their first horse.  They have 6 kids, and they've all been learning to ride on her.  Their daughter's been taking her to shows and is ready to advance into hunter/jumper classes.  Their only complaint is the cost of feeding her through the winter.  They've had her on an assortment of grains, most recently feeding her Hi Fat Hi Fiber.  That was going ok, until their recent purchase of a gelding who chased her off her feed and gobbled it up for himself.  He's been gaining a lot of unnecessary weight, and she's been getting thinner.  Complications.  I can relate.  Bella was always stealing everyone else's grains and treats.

So it was decided.  She'll be coming to live with us soon, possibly tomorrow.  They'll be delivering her as soon as they can.

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  1. What a sweet story even though it is sad about little Ginger. It took two readings before I got the 2 Gingers connection! How is the goat?