Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Work

It snowed!  It finally snowed.  Just starting off gently this year, with a mere 8 inches.  Then some rain, and it sunk.  We're sitting with about 4 inches now, but it's staying, with more in the forecast.

It is officially hermit season.  Yay!  I am so happy!

I wish I could say all my chores were done and I can settle in for a long winter's nap...  but no such luck.  I still have my white rocks to put in the freezer.  But while I'm procrastinating about that, I decided to paint the living room.

That was not a well thought out plan.  The staircase comes down into the living room.  The wall on the far side of the staircase covers two floors.  I can not reach the wall.  Hmmm...  I painted it with a roller on a pole.  It looks ok from downstairs, but upstairs...  uh-oh.  Thankfully there's no reason for guests to head that way.  I need hubby to build me some kind of platform to put the ladder on so I can finish the edges.

The next little hiccup was the front door.  There is a nasty draft along the edge of the door joints.  It causes condensation.  The paint will not dry.  It's going to need some touch ups in the spring.

The third little hiccup.  I already have the south side window covered in plastic.  And I am too lazy to take it down, paint the trim, wait for it to dry, and recover it.  So I will need to finish it in the spring.

The fourth hiccup.  Not really a hiccup.  Just an observation.  Kind of a hiccup.  Should really rip the wall apart...  Ok.  The south wall had these two spots near the ceiling that were very badly covered in soot from the woodstove.  I had been assuming that it just accumulated there because of the way the air flows in the room.  But once the furniture was out of the way, and I started washing the walls, I discovered that they are cold spots.  Either there was never any insulation there, or the insulation has fallen.  Either way, it should be fixed.  Which will be a very messy project.  Which isn't going to happen this year.  For now it has been painted over.
And finally...  my computer desk.  Uh-oh.  The huge monstrosity needs to move.  Before it can move, it needs to be cleaned off.  It is the catch all for papers of all sorts.  It is the centre of activity.  It is the drug of choice for all of the addicts living here.  I have this wall yet to do.  TODAY!  Oh, no.  I am afraid.

But it will look stunning for Christmas.  Because everything will be clean and dusted and uncluttered for the first time in... !!? ...  EVER?  So I should get to work...

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