Saturday, December 11, 2010

Puppies, Puppies, Everywhere...

They are busy little beasties!  Running around the yard and the house all over the place!  So cute and cuddly, and so hard not to get attached.  Ebony's pups are 8 weeks old now, and some have moved on to their new homes.  It's sad to see them go.

Cindy's pups are getting busy, at 6 weeks old.  They're not quite as outgoing yet, but it won't be long now.

Waldo has had  the big snip.

Wonder went into heat a couple of weeks ago.  Her first.  We've had her, Waldo and Cindy all tied up.  I missed my dogs!  It's not natural having the bed all to myself!  lol.

But now my beasties are back in the house.   Waldo has healed.  Everyone is happy.  And no more puppies for us!


  1. Cute! Puppies are so much fun for awhile. It is the part after 6 weeks that kept us from having any litters.

  2. The part after 6 weeks... 8 weeks. We still have 8 puppies here. People don't want to pick them up until closer to Christmas. And they all think they live here now. Running through my house all over the place. Like they own the joint. And they're all so cute. And we're getting attached. What a mess!