Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Business of Goats

#1 has made his first sale.

Hard to believe that this cute and cuddly little kid...
Chance, the white kid on the edge of the foundation, with his mom and sister.

Has already grown into this rather large- 160 pounds- billy goat.

Chance, who I'm sure has cost us nothing more than maybe three square bales of hay, brought in a whopping $135.  Not enough to cover the cost of his mother, but hey, he was only one kid.  It gives the boy hope for the future of his business.  He's in debt up to his eye balls right now.  $390 for stock seems like a fortune to the boy.  Now hay and feed for the winter to add onto the total.  He was beginning to wonder if it was worth while.  Or if he should just call it quits.

Especially when Oscar is loose AGAIN, and mowing down mom's garden...

But there is hope for the future.  If Oscar has done his job, and all goes well in the spring, by next fall there should be three billy kids going off to market.  And double the nannies here.  And profits to be made.
l to r:  Mama, Nanner, Oscar, Chance, Lucy, Choice

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