Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garden Growth

I'm almost caught up on weeding!  It's raining today though, so I'll have a new batch to get started on by the time I finish these off!

The worst of the remaining weeds are in the peas.  The peas are doing well in spite of them though.  The ones I planted on time are doing great and have reached the top of their fence already.  The rest are halfway there.  Pods are just getting started.

 Potatoes are doing great!  These were all started from small potatoes I saved last year.  Most are Russian Banana, some are Yukon Gold from the bag I got free last year and planted late.

The beans are an odd bunch.  Some are doing really well, starting to bush out, and others are barely more than seedlings.  I think it must be the lack of rain this year.  I have watered a couple of times, but really just enough to keep things alive.

The mangels came in thick this year and appear to be doing well.  I'm kind of surprised, considering what a bum crop I got last year.

Turnips are also doing really well.  It makes me wonder, do root crops like things a little drier? 

But then, the sunflowers and romaine (planted in the same row) are both doing well too.  Is it just the heat?  It has been much warmer this year, even overnight.

'Pumpkin patch' pumpkins are up.  I've had this packet of mixed seed for a few years.  Since I hadn't seen any pumpkins in the greenhouse, I decided to throw these in.  I won't be saving pumpkin or squash seed this year, but at least I might get a few pumpkins to eat this winter.

It's a smaller garden this year, but everything in it seems to be doing well.  I still feel like I'm behind on everything.  I look at the calendar and think, wow it's getting late.  Then I look at the garden and think wow, I need to start pinching off suckers on tomato plants in two weeks, and the biggest plants have just started flowering.  Looking back over previous years' garden posts, it doesn't look too bad.  It seems hard to believe that everything will be going wild and crazy in just a couple more weeks.

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