Thursday, October 2, 2014

Last Batch for 2014

My last batch of chicks for 2014 has hatched- 11 more balls of fluff.  One more black (barred rock cross), and two more reds.  The chanteclers are great producers.

They look dead, but they're just napping, lol.

I think I have too many chickens for the winter coop.  The four main pens should hold 8 hens plus a rooster each.  The fifth pen is smaller.  I think I'll use it for the geese.

So, space for 36.  I have 15 chicks from the last batch, 11 from this batch,- all too little to do anything with, and too many roosters!  Ten original chickens (8 hens, 2 roos).  And 9 chicks from the first batch that aren't quite big enough to butcher.  45.

9 heads need to roll.

The older roos, the red hens, and the barred rocks will be first in the freezer.  I need to get a new rooster next year anyway, for fresh blood lines.  The smaller birds can double up a bit for now, and then I'll need to butcher the younger roosters through the winter as they get big enough.

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  1. "9 heads need to roll" LOL

    When I went to TSC and was looking at the bin of chicks under lights, I was shocked by a one day old chick that was stretched out, head stretched and feet out behind...napping. I was sort of horrified because I thought it died. I was mentioning the position and the guy said he thinks they are dead, too, snatches them up and discovers they are alive. I suppose it is just too hard to stay on your feet after