Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Return of Indoor Plumbing

Oh, how I've missed you, lol.  And the floor's not bad either.

Notes for TEOTWAWKI:  While a bucket with a toilet seat will work, a camping chemical toilet like this feels so much more civilized.  The sealed compartment makes carrying the contents to the outhouse much less icky, and less smelly indoors. 

Sure, we can all manage to go out to the outhouse through the day, but overnight?  I'd much rather the convenience of the bathroom down the hall...


  1. The bathroom looks great! I know that is a relief to get it all repaired. If I had to go to an outhouse at night, there would be a revival of the chamber pot. You are lucky to have the chemical toilet to borrow.

  2. congrats on getting your toilet back. we have one of those chemical toilets - we have a tiny bathroom in our vandura and used it on the drive here from ontario. now we have the chemical toilet down at the river - it's a luxury to be able to use the bathroom in a sort of civilized manner down at the river!!!

    oh - i love the new header - it's gorgeous!!!

    your friend,