Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beef Tally

So little baby Casper grew up to be a mighty fine specimen.


I guess I should have taken more pics of him, for comparison's sake.  This was early spring, one year old.
We butchered him at 1.5 years. Here's the tally.

Steaks- a pound or more each:
Rib Steak-16
Rib End Steaks- 17
Sirloin Steaks- 6
T-bones- 26
 At least 65 lbs- 11 meals.

Tenderloin- 2lbs
Shoulder Roasts- 81lbs- 21
Rump Roasts- 108lbs- 28
Ground Beef- 72lbs- 36
Stew- 22 lbs- 12
Jerky- 8lbs

109 meals, not including leftovers- you know some of those roasts are big enough to serve double duty as hash the second night.   Roughly 358 lbs of beef. 

Compared with Steaks last year- 63 meals.
  • Beef - Ribs - (meals) 3
  • Beef - roast - 32
  • Beef - Steaks- 10 (meals) + 2
  • Beef - stew - 16
  • Beef - tenderloin- 2
  • Beef Stock- 50 cubes
  • Beef- tallow- 7 pints
Some differences to note- roasts were cut smaller the first year, with very few leftovers.  Rib meat was cut off the bone this year and added to ground.  We cut a larger variety of steaks last year, from the rump and shoulder back strap.  This year I left most of those portions as roast.  The tenderloins stayed on the t-bones this year, which meant I had to start cutting on Day 8.  Day 7 probably would have been better, with the weather getting a bit too mild.  Stew meat this year is all roast trimmings, so much more tender.

The meat is safely divided between the three freezers though, so if we lose hydro to one, all won't be lost!

I'm still working on stock and tallow, and I have yet to package the doggy stew portions. 


  1. Looks like casper led a great life to provide all of that. We do not have cattle but do butcher our own venison. The first few years we cut a lot of steaks and like you have changed to roasts. I found the steaks limiting and am prepare so many more meals from the roasts & left overs. I've honestly never thought to tally exactly what was stored but I sure will this year.

    1. This is our second year processing our own beef, and the first was a purchased calf. Casper is our first who was born here and lived a 100% milk and grass fed diet. I keep track of the yield partly so I know what I have stored, and partly for size comparison.

      I love roast beef more than any other food, lol. I could eat it six days a week with no problem. Husband would prefer steaks, but he doesn't do much cooking, so that's not going to happen.

  2. I had to laugh. Reading you tally, my mouth started to water especially when I got to the t-bone...with the loins left on. OMG!
    Good Girl, Dorrie!

    I'm patting my self on the back and had to share with someone. Guess it's you! Last night I made tuna loaf with the dark meat of the tuna we caught. I usually freeze it in smaller bags for the dogs but got this idea of adding rice eggs and carrots to it, pack it into loaf pans (7 loaf pans to be exact). Turned out great. I cut them into smaller chuncks and they're flash freezing now. Next time I might can it for easier storage. Freezer space is very limited as I 'm sure yours is too.

    1. lol, she did amazing work!

      Way to go. Have you taste tested it yet? I didn't even know tuna had dark meat. I'll have to try that with canned tuna some time.

  3. Wendy,
    Basically, you are guaranteed 2 beef meals each week for a year, 3 if you count leftovers. That alone would supply your family with protein for a year. Of course, if you want meat every might and this was all you had, I suppose smaller portions would give you more meals. The reason I am going through this is thinking that you are doing a great job at being closer to self-sufficiency.

    I know you butcher other things, so you are coming closer to having meat meat every day for the year. WOW! That is so impressive. Do your children realize how awesome you are? Tell them I said so. And, you can feed the dogs, too.

    Good going. I have never heard of tuna loaf. Maybe I will try it with canned tuna.

    1. Actually, I'm planning til spring, roughly 8 months. Spring will provide the weather we need to butcher again, should the need arise. I like my freezers to be getting close to empty for pre gardening season clean out, and I don't cook things in the oven through the summer, so it's best if it's used up by then.

      Thanks, Linda.

  4. "you are coming closer to have a meat meal..."