Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

One nice thing about this time of year- it makes supplementing the turkeys diet very easy.
Three nice buckets of bean plants, a nice bucket full of weeds, radishes, and grass,
a few beats, some horse radish, and a couple of short corn stalks.  It's almost fun to rip plants up in the garden, knowing that they're continuing to feed us, even though the garden is done. 
And the goats like it too, although I wish they'd eat more raspberries.  The bushes in the turkey pen are threatening to take over every available space.

Lots of cool, rainy days right now.  High of 15°C, low of 1°C forecast for the week. 

Still canning beets, pulling beans, digging carrots.  I haven't started canning salsa yet.  Wouldn't you know it, most of those tomatoes I picked before the first frost are turning red in the sunroom.  The plants are still thriving outside, with the small tomatoes I left getting bigger and starting to turn as well.  It almost makes me think I should pick a few green ones earlier in the season and relieve the plants a bit early.

#1, #2, and #3 are all in school.  #4 is still home with me, and catching up quick now.  He was behind on almost everything, basically a late start because we didn't know his eyesight was so bad when he was little.  With just the two of us, mom's individual attention, and no distractions (except Casper, who is back to his old tricks, jumping the fence), he is cruising through his work books.  I'm pretty sure he'll be caught up to his age mates by the end of the year.


  1. It sounds like things are slowing down? I don't think so! lol Good luck with homeschooling. I did the same thing with our youngest who came to us from her mom in BC in grade 5 with a grade 3 reading level.

    At the beginning of grade 7 there was no improvement so I kept her home for a year and homeschooled. She graduated from middle school 2nd in her graduating class. It's unbelievable what some one-on-one can achieve!

    Wishing you both the very best!

    1. lol, no, not yet. Changing, but not slowing down. Fall cleaning is in full swing (who has time for that in the spring?), firewood is far from finished, and still canning.

      #4 has been homeschooled his whole life, except for a couple of months of kindergarten. He seemed fine visually, (no nystagnus like #1, no lazy eye like #3), just a bit lazy with his school work, scribbling on pages and calling it done. He got his glasses 2 years ago, but I was busy prepping #2 for highschool. Then last year he started to make improvements, but I spent a lot of time battling #3 to get started. This year he's just cruising through his work!

      Thank you!

  2. My friend had two girls and then a son. The son was very fearful and even when she put him down to walk, he clung to her. Nothing could entice him from her knee or the knee or father or older sisters if they were not at home. That sounds like the ideal child--never wants to get down to floor, when on floor will not run away. Except--they found out he was legally blind. With glasses, the child was on the run. Now, he is an accountant, just because he had a support system and got glasses at two.

    With glasses and lots of one on one time, he will progress rapidly. I am sure he loves having you all to himself. I feel like he will be above grade level with one year of help.

    Sue, my son was not at first grade reading level when he left first grade. We had just moved from a horrid school. So, all summer after the first grade, we read. He went into second grade with above 3rd grade reading level. The first school was labeling him a failure, punishing, and yelling at him. Now, he is an English teacher--thanks to a very pregnant Mama who taught him how to read. I did not have to force him to read that summer like I did during the school year because we read before we went swimming...nothing like a carrot and no stick needed. Sue, you saved that child!

    1. Well, we certainly never had that issue with #1, he was always go, go, go, on the run, no fear. It's one of the reasons school was such a bad fit. He seemed fine on the playground, his eyes couldn't really be that bad!? Now we go from one extreme to another- a shop teacher who is terrified he's going to cut his fingers off, and a music teacher who thinks he just needs to 'work harder'.

  3. We have chickens,and they love the benefits from weeding the garden!