Monday, September 24, 2012

Balogna Rolls and Bathroom Business

My grandmother used to make this recipe.  She may have invented it.  Her mother may have made it before her.  I don't really know.  Very filling, yummy, and easy.  And, it used to be cheap, lol.  Not so much these days.  But it is a family favourite.

Balogna Rolls

Lay out slices of balogna on a clean counter.  Break cheese slices into thirds and place one third in the center of each balogna.  Cover with yellow beans.  Fold ends of balogna over and stab through with toothpick to hold shape.
Combine equal parts cream of celery soup and milk in a glass baking pan.  Place balogna rolls into sauce.
Cover and bake 1 hour @ 350°F.  Uncover, continue baking until edges start to crisp (about half hour).  Serve with sauce over mashed potatoes.  Delish!

I tried out my cream of celery soup.  It's a keeper.  The consistency is a little runny, so I may add a bit of corn starch or flour to the next batch before baking, but it tastes great!

Still canning, and now painting, flooring, cursing lots.

We lost some of the bathroom floor tiles a while back, in front of the bath tub, and I tried patching them back together.  It didn't hold.  The press board underneath was falling apart.  While the floor does get a little wet when the kids bathe, it really didn't seem like enough to be causing so much damage. The folks at home hardware explained to hubby that the toilet is supposed to be raised with some thing-a-ma-jig when you put in a new floor, otherwise the condensation will go under the tiles.  We figured that's what was happening, because the toilet did not appear to be raised.

We decided to pull the tiles out, replace the damaged board and put in linoleum.   Oh, what a mess.  The tiles were put in before the sink cabinet, so Husband had to disconnect the pipes and pull the cabinet out.  Then as they worked toward the toilet, pulling tiles, Husband and the Bigs discovered black mold.  They pulled the toilet out.  Home hardware was right, the toilet had not been raised.  And the gasket was disintegrated.  And the tap at the back was dripping.  And we never noticed because all of that water was pooling in the press board, under the tiles.
The black mold seems to have just been on the press board, which they removed.  The real floor appears to be solid, although wet.  Some of the original linoleum tiles are still in place.

We're going to give it a few days to dry out completely and watch for more mold, before attempting to put in a new floor and reinstall the toilet.  I have no toilet!!  One bathroom in this house.  I'm going to borrow my parents chemical toilet for the time being.

But at least I can shower. (Hot water heater was out last week).
You know, after I remove the cabinet and all of the bathroom stuff from the tub.

High of 14°C, low of 0°C forecast for this week.


  1. Wendy,
    That is a real mess! When the guy remodeled here in 1977, he wanted to put pressed board/particle board in the bathroom because the wood was rotten in places. I thought I was going to have to fight him to get him to put in real, solid wood. With all the leaking I have had lately, my tub would have been in the basement by now if he had put pressed wood or plywood.

    I assume you won't put pressed board back there. Even plywood disintegrates too easily.

    I suppose I would rather have bathing facilities than a toilet. I got both mine back in commission on Saturday.

    I wonder if your grandmother used bologna because it was cheap. It certainly is not cheap now. I have never seen or heard of that combination. All the ingredients are delicious alone, so I can imagine it tastes good.

    1. Honestly, it doesn't even make sense. The real floor boards are solid. The only reason we can figure for putting pressboard in at all was so that he wouldn't have to remove the original linoleum to stick the ceramic tiles. Once it dries I'll paint the wood to seal it, then just cover with linoleum. The pressboard isn't necessary.

      Yup, balogna was cheap, cream of celery soup was cheap (now it's double most other soups, and it's made with the end pieces!!), and she grew her own beans. Cheap meal for a big family. Now it's a treat for us, lol.

  2. At least this isn't at Christmas time or with a house full of guests but wait, you DO have a house full of people. I'm thinking about ya girlfriend!

    1. Thank you, lol. True enough, there's just the six of us to deal with, no extras!

  3. Bathroom jobs are never simple and seem to evolve into far more than intended. You have my sympathy.

  4. We need to redo our bathroom,too,and we only have one bathroom as well. I can only imagine what horrors lie beneath! Good luck!

    1. And good luck with yours! I hope it doesn't evolve too much for you!