Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camp & Chaos

Just a little update...

A trip to the hospital and an x-ray confirmed that my hand was not broken.  Still it took almost a week for the swelling to go down.  They gave me some serious antibiotics, claiming it was infection causing the swelling.  I was bad and quit taking them after a couple of days.  They were making me sick.  I don't believe it was infected anyway.  I think it was the vein being cut wasn't allowing the blood to drain out of my fingers.  Almost good as new now, just a bit of a sore left to heal up.

Cranberry and co have been up visiting for a bit.  Great to see them, and we've been taking some extra play time (in other words, shirking the chores).

Blueberries are starting to ripen.  I haven't started any serious picking yet, just a mouthful here and there.  Rhubarb needs picking again, and raspberries are barely getting started.  It's like the seasons are out of order.

#2 and I spent the night before he left for camp in the hospital.  He hurt his arm helping grandpa place a beam for a shed.  Poor kid.  Not broken, but very sore, probably sprained.
We met the bus at a gas station not too far from our house.  He had two switches to make before getting to camp.  Thankfully he posted to facebook that he made it there, because I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HIM SINCE!  If he doesn't call by Sunday, I will be calling his CO to find out what's going on!
Almost caught up with the weeding.  See the TALL stuff?  Popcorn!  It's been warm this year, and it's doing great!  One more row of beans to weed, then the onions, and the garden should be back to a manageable state.  Then just to get the greenhouses caught up, and the perennial bed.
See the big empty space?  That's the brassicas.  Few and far between this year.  It's been warm.  Go figure.  The beans are flowering, we have tiny cukes in greenhouse #2,the potatoes are flowering!!  That's a first for us up here!  We're eating peas, leaf lettuce and romaine, and have some lovely little green tomatoes on the way.
These white flowers popped up last year, on the far side of the garden.  They're back this year.
No idea what they are, but pretty.  The previous owner's wife worked at a nursery, and was quite a gardener.  She died several years before he sold the house, and he wasn't much of a gardener.  I figure she's the reason things magically appear in odd spots.
We took Pinky and Gilligan with us to pick up #2s kit supplies before he left.  They were sleeping peacefully when we got there.
And isn't that the cutest greeting when we got back to the car.  Before anyone gets upset- evening, windows down, and we were parked right outside the hangar.  No danger, just cuteness.

The pups are 5 weeks old now, and displaying lots of personality!  I haven't made any definite decisions, but Pinky, Gilligan, Goldie, and Shaggy are in the lead- you know, the troublemakers.  We've been leaving the sunroom door open so the pups can go in and out as they please.  Gilligan was the first to go missing.  Disappeared for about three hours, then emerged from behind the wood shed, yawning, looking for his mom. 

Shaggy, Goldie and Pinky disappeared for about 5 hours.  I was in the garden, and I thought I had heard something on the far side.  #1 went to investigate, but didn't see anything.  The Littles looked all over the house and yard and couldn't find them.  We walked past the yard and the pond, into the trees, trying to find Wonder's path to Grandma's house.  (She goes to visit them on her own every day, and I figured the pups had tried following her).  No sign of them.  #4, Ebony and I cut back to the road and started walking toward the house.  #4 was ahead of me, and turned around to say something, and noticed we were being followed.  I don't know where they had been hiding, but they were trotting along behind me like it was a normal thing to wander off in the woods.  Little buggers.


  1. I forgot--did you eat the rooster? It sounds like he did a number on your hand. I am glad it's better.

    Who is Cranberry and co?

    Wonder went to her grandma's house or a human relative...lol.

    By a hangar? Who was on a plane? Child left by bus?

    Isn't it great your child posted to all his friends on fb! At least he friends you...lol.

    Your garden looks great. The little flowers seems like a nice surprise that you don't have to tend.

    1. Wow, do I really write that cryptically? I know I try to avoid certain details, to protect our privacy, but I didn't realize it was that much.

      No, I didn't eat the rooster. He obviously isn't afraid to do his job.

      Cranberry is my sister-in-law. She posts here from time to time. & co would be company- her family.

      Wonder went to my parents house.

      The Bigs are in Air Cadets. They fly. They meet at the hangar.

      Yes, it is great that he posted to facebook. His phone would have been confiscated at intake for security purposes. It's a military camp. He'll only get it back in certain locations at certain times.

      Thanks. I am quite pleased with the garden progress.

    2. I have been reading your blog for years, so I am not sure how I missed these things.

      You do know that I enthusiastically agreed to eat my rooster when I was four and he spurred me all the way to the house....revenge! Yeah, and you give him a reprieve.

      Go garden!

    3. Lol. That's ok. Sometimes I wonder if it's my ADD. It really makes sense in my head.

      Yes, I remember that story, lol. I figure if he can do that to me, he can do a number on a fox.

  2. the garden is looking great and those pups are just too darn cute. i hope the bigs have a good time at camp - our plans for the summer have just been thrown for a loop so i am not sure if we can take them. i'll send an email with more details and we'll figure something out. i am so glad that your hand is healing up well. eat lots of raw garlic in your next several day's meals and drink teas with unpasteurized honey - both are natural antibiotics!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks, kymber. Just #2 at camp this year. No worries. I looked at flights- OMG!!! kick me again while I'm still standing. I had no idea they were that expensive. I haven't flown for 15 years. Socking, to say the least!

      I always drink y tea with raw natural honey. It's a natural allergy 'medicine' as well. Local bees get pollen from local flowers, creating honey that naturally helps you deal with local allergens. Thanks for the garlic tp though. I don't eat nearly enough garlic through the summer!

  3. Wow, can't believe how big all the babies are getting. And adorable too! Need more pics of the pups. So glad your hand is getting better and your son's!?! Beware, things like this come in threes. Watch the littles!

    Love the before and after pics of your garden. THATS A LOT OF WORK YOU'VE DONE. Good job. Some I'm still waiting for the puppy pics. So get going.

    1. Lol- you bet! #3 stepped on a nail lastweek (not too deep, thankfully), so hopefully we're past that.

      I try. I don't take very good pics- unless they're sleeping. The wee beasties tend to come out as a blur on camera. But I try.

      Thanks! Hopefully it'll produce well!

  4. Hi, Wendy! Catching up on my blog reading today. The garden looks great, and popcorn...what fun! Oh, how I hope it turns out and that the racoons don't find it before harvest. The puppies are adorable! I can't imagine what mischief they will get into in the next little while. It's a good thing they're cute! lol