Monday, July 16, 2012

And Another One Bites The Dust

I am beginning to think the universe is trying to tell me to give up on technology.  I am now using #1's lap top connected to my monitor, because #4 knocked it on the floor a couple of weeks ago and cracked the screen.  (My computer still hasn't been replaced.  And will now be on hold longer, because #1's is more important- large screen and set up for his visual needs.)  I had been using the kids computer, which has become infected with the ransomware virus.  If Husband can't get it sorted out, it'll have to go in to see a tech.  What a pain in the arse. 

Shaggy- napping on top of a blanket, on top of the paint cans, on top of the wood stove platform.  King of the hill.  The puppies have discovered a hole at the back of the garage where they can crawl underneath to beat the heat.  Getting out though- not so easy.  There's a small hole at the front where they can see everyone, but can't fit through.  It takes some cajoling to convince them to turn around and come back out through the back.  Turds.

The peas are producing nicely.  They've reached the top of the fence, still flowering, still growing.  I've convinced the cucumbers to start climbing.  They're also flowering.  Beans are flowering like mad, with the first little pods starting to appear.  Blueberries are coming along, although it doesn't look like they'll have a good season.  That late frost may have killed off some flowers.  It's a bit early yet, but the lack of green berries concerns me.  Raspberries are just starting to produce.  Rhubarb is still coming along.  And I am leaving.

Pinky running towards me
#1 and I are headed south on Wednesday, in my new car- 1998 VW Beetle- diesel.  He has appointments with the University of Waterloo for assesments, visual exams, technology enhancements, and info about possible surgery.  Then we'll spend a few days visiting with family and friends.  If the heat doesn't kill us.  Or the traffic.  The Littles are staying home to deal with chores.  Wish them luck!  They have Grandma and Grandpa next door to keep an eye on them, and Husband home at night, but the responsibility of farming falls to them.  I hope they're ready for it.

And of course they'll have the wee beasties to attend to as well.  Or entertain them.  The pups are becoming more dog like every day now.  Happy and rambunctious.  It's hard to believe they're only six weeks old.

We've been working on more hugelkultur piles, with the small trees that were trying to take over the back field (where the pumpkins and squash are out of control!) and more manure.  I think the manure levels will be kind of high compared to wood.  We still haven't got the chicken coop cleaned out!  These are more of a 'where are we going to compost this stuff' huggies, rather than true hugelkulturs.

And that's about all of the news here.  I'll be enjoying a couple of cooler days before heading south into the heat wave.


  1. Wendy - sorry about the computer problems - ack, that sucks! how on earth are you getting so many peas??? mine are just starting to flower and make little peas. we eat 2 "breafast" peas when we go for our walk first thing in the morning. and my beans are just starting to flower too. i think it must be the manure that you are using. once jamie is back from ottawa, he is going to a friends and getting a ton of horse manure that's already been cured. my goodness those little dogs are cute - i wish i could take them all! good luck on your trip! and yes, they are having a serious heatwave out there!

    your friend,

    1. I plant them early. I take that, 'as soon as the ground is workable in the spring' thing seriously with peas. I have had better crops after they've been snowed on, or several hard frosts, than if it's hot and dry. My parents are at the same stage as yours, using the same manure as me, but planted later in the spring.

      Thanks. I hope everything goes according to plan!

  2. Aaack.
    Broken monitor screen is bad! Monitor screens are free if you don't mind it being old and clunky. Charlie (Sasquatch) puts them on the curb by the dozens.

    To get rid of the ransomware, I just start up and go to earlier setting of my computer. Then, I run avg and isolate the virus/malware. It's beem so long since I have done that, I might be afraid to try it now.

    The puppies are really cute and growing. Sometimes, little dogs squeeze under my front porch and cannot get out. The owners get angry at me. I invite them to my basement and invite them to go in the crawlspace to get the little devils out. Dogs never can get out. Cats can. Wonder why?

    Have fun and stay safe on your trip. Hopefully, your news will be good.

  3. It's the lap top screen that's broken. It is hooked up to my monitor screen now, to make it semi-functional. I don't know whether it's pssble (or cost effective) to replace the lap top screen.

    The ransomware virus mutated and won't let you get that far. This version blocks everything right away. It has to be removed from the registry, which is way more technical than I can deal with.

    Thanks. I love them. Can I keep them all? lol. Dogs are pretty determined if they can see through, they can get through. Or they'll just make the hole bigger...

    Thanks again.

    1. The frame around my laptop screen is broken at the corners. I just hope it will last for a bit longer. I am about to superglue it back. There is no way I can afford another. From what I hear, it is cheaper to buy a new laptop and sell the old one for parts.

      I hte computer problems or car problems!

      If a dog can see to get under a dark house crawl space, why can't he see to get back out by going to the light? Why does it have to yelp and make a ruckus at a place that has no exit? And, why doe the neighbor get upset at ME when he lets his dog run loose and causes me distress from a dog barking right under my bed all night? Some mysteries will never be solved.

      Hopefully, the doctor visit will be beneficial to your son.

  4. Thanks for more puppy pics. Amazing how fast they grow (and how cute too). Hows that little white one doing?

    I assume the surgery is for his eyes. They can do wonders with lazers. Good luck to #1 and Hope all goes well. And drive safe. BTW, cute car.

    And good luck with the bloody computers too. We been dealing with "issue" too. Main computer broke just befor taxes were due. But hubby made some magic and pulled off the info in time. It's still done in. Thank goodness for my birthday laptop of a few years back. It still works...knock on wood.

    Have a good time and can't wait to hear how things went.