Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seed Orders

 I started writing this a bit ago, before the computer crash...

Another blog posted this Online Canadian seed catalogue listing  the other day.  A little early, but I just can't help myself.  It is January, after all.  I'll be starting tomatoes soon!

My choices this year:
Boughen Nurseries, hardy plants for zones 1-3.  I ordered 3 Siberian pear trees, and 3 seedling plums.  If these do well for me, I'll be buying many more fruit trees from them in the future!

OSC Seeds gets the majority of my order, due to their stock of forage seeds for the pasture, and lower prices on vegetable seeds.

Prairie Garden Seeds, with their selection of grains and heritage seeds get the rest.

I spent more online for seeds than I ever have in the past.  A lot more.  However, I ordered EVERYTHING online this year, which I have never done before.  I usually shop online for some oddball stuff to try, seeds that are hard to find locally, and heritage plants that I'll be saving seeds from for the future.  Then I pick up a little of this here, and a little of that there, as long as the garden stores are open.  I can't honestly say how much I usually end up spending in total, but I am a bit shell shocked at what I just spent.

New to my garden this year will be eggplant, kale and kohlrabi.  Recipes welcome.  I've never eaten any of them.

And Today...

My first order has arrived from OSC!  I am getting the itch!

Need tomatoes...  They're coming from Prairie Garden Seeds.  Must be patient...


  1. I have ordered seeds and already planted some. I love seed-getting time!

  2. i sooo understand the impatience! we order most of our seeds from Vesseys as they are located in PEI, so are local. the rest of our seeds we get here on the island or on mainland Nova Scotia.

    i can't speak to eggplant or kohlrabi but kale is to die for - deeelishous! i throw it into soups or stews but my fave way to eat it is just sauteed in butter. it's kind of like a mix between spinach and cabbage. it grows well in cold climates and if you cover it with mulch during the winter, then let the snow fall on the mulch - you can dig up fresh greens all winter long. yes - i said all winter long. it's an awesome veg. and apparently very rich in vitamin c, vitamin k, and potassium!

    let us know when the tomatoes come in - bahahahah!

    your friend,

  3. Wendy,
    I absolutely detest eggplant. But, others love it. Kale and kohlrabi are great. I have seeds from last year, so I may just start germinating those. However, I want some old tomatoes, ones that will germinate true,year after year.

    kymber, I did not know that about kale. Now, I am getting the planting itch.

  4. Becky- Welcome! I just peeked at your blog. You're already way ahead of me in the garden, lol. Mind you, mine's under 3 feet of snow right now. But you can bet as soon as those mater seeds arrive I'll have them sprouting, lol!

    kymber- I thought about ordering more from Prairie garden (Sask), because their climate is more similar to mine. The OSC is from southern Ontario, which is closer, but climate wise, might as well be in a different country... lol. I'd be happy if I could find a home gardener seed exchange program around here. Thanks for the kale tips. I hope it grows well. I can't imagine digging anything up in the winter. I am tempted though. It's been pretty mild this year. Usually the ground is frozen solid, but the greenhouse has a few inches of workable soil. It might be possible.

    PP- Recipes? lol. Seriously, start at the beginning. How do you cut kohlrabi? Which part is edible? I know right? I'm insane, lol.

  5. I have only eaten eggplant a couple of ways. It grows great here as they are heat loving. I peeled it cut it up into "fries" then fried it. We then dipped it in spaghetti sauce and ate it. It was wonderful! Unfortunately, it did not agree with Phil and now he won't eat it anymore. In high school in "cooking" class we also had eggplant once. I believe we cut it in thick round slices (I believe it was peeled first) then breaded it and fried it.
    I agree kale is wonderful. I really like Red Russian kale but this year I bought dinosaur kale just to see how it would do. We use ours just like spinach though it has a different taste, it is a really good taste. I have also dehydrated it and used it in soups or stews as well.
    I have never really gotten kohlrabi to grow so have never tried it.