Thursday, January 12, 2012

Computer Crash

My computer bit the bullet this week.  It's actually the third time my computer has died.  Husband has rebuilt it with pieces from other dead computers.  This time it doesn't look hopeful.  It looks like my hard drive is kaput. Over ten years of info on that thing.  And when was the last time I did a backup?  Hmmm.  The last time it died?  4 years ago ish.  Crap.

Posting this from the kids' computer.  Won't be doing much of that for awhile.  I can't figure out the settings on it.  My eyes are going squirrelly.  Husband's computer is worse.  He has it set to microscopic- and he likes it that way. 

So, no worries, I'm still alive and well.  Just very, very quiet.


  1. I had decided that you were doing something stupendous to relate to us, full of pictures. Then, I thought maybe you were busy making Good luck with the computer fix. I hate when that happens. Backup? huh? Me?

  2. LOL, thanks. Well, I have a few things in the works. I'm just a little torn about where to post, upload pictures, pay bills, bank, save bookmarks... I hate sharing. lol. It could be a couple of months before I can replace my CPU though, and I'll be having major computer withdrawals by then.