Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turkey Time

The first three went to the chopping block.  The first one, because she had injured her leg and wasn't moving very well.  then two others, because it's a lot of work getting everything set up and ready for the kill.  I didn't think they were quite big enough yet.

My water tub has sprung a little bit of a leak.  Not bad, but still, it needs to be repaired.  Bring the water up to just below a boil.

Then swish the headless turkey around in the water by the feet for about 30 seconds.

Start with the wing tips and the tail feathers while the bird is hot.  They're much easier to pull out that way.  Then work your way around the bird.  The little quills are the worst.  These birds were covered, with the season about to change, they're trying to get ready for winter too.
Slice around the anus carefully, stick your hand in and pull out the inards.

The injured one was the smallest of the three, and she wouldn't fit in my roasting pan.  hmmm.  I guess they were bigger than I thought.  The other two took two big rice bags each, duct taped together, to cover.  I'm going to have to do some shopping and see what I can find for storage bags.  Wow.  I didn't weigh these ones.  we were half way through plucking when I remembered that I had planned to dig out my scale before we started.  Definitely big!

Two in the freezer, one in the belly.  Three we're keeping to breed.  12 to go.


  1. YUM! Turkey is a favorite. What kind of setup are you cooking with. I see the propane tank. Is that a galvanized tub on the heater/cooker. What kind of gizmo is hooked to the propane? I don't think I could ever dress a bird.

  2. It's a propane cooker
    Just a single burner propane 'stove'. The pot is an old wash basin. I don't even know if you can still buy them. That's just for heating the water to dip the bird and pull feathers. I cook in the house, in the oven.