Friday, April 3, 2015

Who's Having A Baby?

Dorie most definitely looks like she won't be long now.
She was very cooperative for pictures, too.  Nelly looks bigger, but was less cooperative for pictures.  She calved first last year, on March 30th.
Majesty might be pregnant.  She's still quite small though, just 3 this year, and Toothless was her Daddy, so it would be preferable if she isn't pregnant.

Mindy wouldn't come out of hiding for pictures, though she is looking quite large from a distance.

Patrick, the little porker, looks like he might be due any day...
...except, you know, he's a one year old boy!

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  1. I just love animal behinds...sarcasm. Just kidding. It looks like you have exciting times ahead of you. They are sooo fat!