Thursday, March 12, 2015

Greenhouse Planning 2015

Greenhouse plans are all mapped out.

Due to the super crop of cucumbers last year, I don't need to plant for pickles this year.  I'm planning to put watermelons on the wire in greenhouse #1, and Far North Melons in greenhouse #2.  I have some space left here around the watermelons, which I'm sure to be able to fill with whatever seedlings I plant too much of.  The Dill remains against the back wall in all three greenhouses, as it does tend to self seed, and last year was a good year for it.

Greenhouse #2 gets the brassicas.  I am considering adding cauliflower back into the mix, since #4 has been asking for it lately.  It's too expensive to buy, but it also drew in those green worms a couple of years ago.  I wasn't companion planting then though, so it may be worth trying it again.

Greenhouse #3 will need wire added to the main beam for the cucumbers to climb, as well as plastic adjustments on the sides.  If you recall, I left the plastic up about a foot on each side last year for the vines to crawl under.  Since this will be the home of the tomatoes and peppers this year, I'll need to close it off to maintain heat.  A proper door also needs to be built.

Dreaming of Spring.


  1. oh i sooo hear you about dreaming of spring! it's right around the corner, girl, although we might still get a few more dumpings of snow. no matter - spring is coming and we'll be gardening in no time. your plans look great!

    your friend,

  2. Wendy,
    You inspire me! It all looks great to me.