Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Separated from her mother, and finally tagged.  We were busy getting ready for the boys to leave for camp, garden, and firewood, etc.  Princess didn't get tagged until Sunday.
Princess, June 2014
She was a little harder to wrangle and tag yesterday, having gained a few pounds and a whole lot of muscle!
Princess, August 2014
She went to the auction yesterday morning.  The price of beef is running high, too high to even think about keeping her. 
Princess in the auction ring
I got $2.20/lb for her.  I probably could have gotten more, but I chickened out on the bidding.  At 190 lbs, I really can't complain.  She paid for her mother's hay last winter, plus a little profit.


  1. I think $419 is a good price, but what do I know? Not a lot about the cost of beef on the hoof. So, Mama gives you milk? With four boys, I imagine you all consume lots of dairy products.

    Was she afraid in the ring?

    You have to bid to sell?

    1. We are not milking her. We're eating her this winter.

      She seemed fine in the ring, but she didn't like the truck!

      You don't have to bid, but can if you don't like the prices. You run the risk of buying back your item (for which you still pay auction fees) and having to take it back home (delivery fees) if you outbid your opponent. I prefer when enough other people are bidding that I don't have to get involved. At $1.95/lb she was down to 1 bidder. So I bid against him to $2.20/lb.