Sunday, August 25, 2013

And to Answer That Question

What am I going to eat this winter?  We certainly won't starve...

Nothing of particular interest here, just my freezer storage list.

I cleaned out all 3 freezers yesterday- four counting the top of the fridge.

In the little freezer in the house, before cleaning...

14 store bought butter
16 home made butter
(30 pounds of butter fills a milk crate)(we've been eating almost all home made since I bought Mildred)

22 roast beef (how the heck do I still have 22 roast beef???)

2 ham
1 brisket
1 beef stew
7 celery ends (for soup)
1 yellow bean
1 porkchop
1 steak
4L tomatoes
2 pkg balogna
3 bags turkey stock cubes

In the entrance way freezer...

10 store bought butter
1 roast beef
1 small ham
5 steaks
6 pkg balogna
5 pkg bacon
5 back bacon
8 fish
21 bananas (I guess I should bake more)
5 rhubarb
5 pumpkin
1 cottage cheese
8 cheese slices
1 single bag milk
2 bear steak
1 corned beef
6 ground beef
1/2 chicken thigh (the magical disappearing package)
3 sausages
1 polish coil
1 tenderloin
15 frozen juices
5 pkg sandwich meat
14 pkg weiners
10 doggy stew meals
And an assorted basket of veggies- broccoli, beans, turnip, dandelion buds, cabbage, etc.

Out to the garage...

2 roast beef
2 lg hams
3 yellow beans
12 green beans
1 broccoli
1 steak
17 bananas (I should probably stop buying bananas)
1 turkey
12 rhubarb
3 pumpkin
15 doggy stew

And finally, above the fridge...

5 celery
2 yellow bean
1 strawberry
1 saskatoon berry
10 bananas (ok, enough with the bananas already!)
2 blueberries
1 rhubarb
2 venison stew
1 pepperoni
1 bag turkey stock cubes
1 beet green
2 hot pepper
7 partridge
1 bear steak
1 polish coil
1 pickerel
4 frozen juice
2 weiners
1 bag mesophilic culture cubes
2 doggy stew meat
3 full bags of crust for stuffing

After defrosting and reorganizing, I think I have a handle on the situation.  In terms of meals...
25 roast beef + leftovers
5 ham + leftovers
1 brisket
3 stew
1 porkchop
10 steak
4 balogna rolls
5 back bacon on buns
8 fish
1 turkey + leftovers
1 corned beef
6 ground beef
7 partridge
3 sausages
2 tenderloin
8 hot dogs

...for a total of 100 meals plus leftovers.  Without butchering anything.  I made space for at least 30 chickens in the garage, and I can stuff a few more into the other freezers. 
The chickens enjoyed picking through the ice from the freezers.
 I'll have to buy some ground beef, and maybe some steak next spring, but I don't think I need to butcher a cow this fall.  A pig would be more than sufficient.  The big item missing is doggy stew meat, but a pig would provide enough bone and scrap to get the dogs through the winter. 

So, next order of business...  build a pig pen, then buy a pig.


  1. You certainly seem to be all set!

  2. That is a lot of meat and other goodies. I call the area above the refrigerator above the refrigerator--landslide zone. But, you have a shelf! Mine is just a cavern up there, all ready to slide out of the refrigerator.

    You are certainly well-stocked. A person could learn a lot from your industry.

    1. Ordinarily I'd be pleased with it- building up the freezers for winter. But honestly, this year, I just never did the spring clean out, unplug the garage, and eat last winter's leftovers. Driving Mom around, I find myself in grocery stores more often, and always picking up a few things. So of course we kept eating whatever was on top in the freezer... This is a result of neglect, not planning.