Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Results are In and Round Two Begins

There were no additional hatchlings.  :(

Of the remaining eggs, these six were stinky rotten eggs.  Plus the two I broke a few days ago- eight stinky rotten eggs that weren't even thinking about turning into chickens.

There was only one additional developed egg, two total, that didn't hatch.

That makes my four look a little better now doesn't it?

Assuming the eight were never fertilized to begin with, that's a 66% hatch rate.

I cleaned the incubator out and warmed it back up.

6 goose eggs and 9 chicken eggs went in the incubator this morning.
 21 days for chickens, 28-34 days for geese.  The temperature is also supposed to be a little cooler for goose eggs, at 99°F instead of 99.5°F.  I'll take my chances on the chickens hatching at the lower temp.

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  1. Maybe this time will be better as far as being fertilized. I hope the roosters and hens are getting it on!