Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hiring New Staff

After months of waiting, watching, calling, going to the auction, and eating store bought eggs (blech!) I finally brought home some new birds yesterday!

This rooster was a champion show bird, but since he got a little frost bite, he, along with four lovely barred rock ladies, now get to learn how to be real farm chickens.
These two, along with 8 of their friends, are just a little on the old side, so were being replaced as breeding stock.
They came with a little roo, who apparently thinks he's a parrot, as he's spent most of his previous owner's chore time on his shoulder.  He was hiding in the corner this morning- too dark for a picture.  They're all incredibly hand tamed- they've lived highly sheltered lives.  They'll be staying inside for the next while- I don't think they're familiar with snow- until they get more acquainted with the barn yard noises at least.

I had doubts about their ability to protect themselves, but the barred rock rooster surprised me by immediately attacking Goose when I set him free in the coop. Not the smartest move he could have made, since goose is there for the smaller birds' protection, but it gives me hope that he'll protect his flock.  The geese were in the rabbitry side of the coop this morning, all chickens banished, lol.  They attempted to banish me as well, but, ah, Goose, you don't scare me!

I also got my Christmas present yesterday!  Husband originally got me a PVR, but it has to be hooked up to a computer as well as the satellite receiver, which annoyed me, so I returned it.  I've been sitting on the cash ever since.  After picking up the chickens we went to the Hutterite store, and I got an incubator!

Complete with egg turner!
So let's go ladies!  Get to work!  I want to play with my new toy!
Of course, saving eggs to hatch means I still have to eat store bought eggs.  Blech!


  1. Wendy,
    I was in the same position with no fresh eggs. I bought eggs at Thanksgiving, used a couple in baking and tossed the rest after Christmas. In the meantime, I bought eggs before Christmas and tossed them in February. I hate store-bought eggs.

    Lucy did not start laying until Louise, her tormentor, was dead. I think she was too stressed from dodging Louise. I fear if I let a new hen out that she will head for the hills. I cannot wait to see the new parrot and wonder whose shoulder will be chosen to

    It will be interesting how they sort it all out.

    That is a fancy looking incubator, egg turner and all! Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

    1. Yeah, those store bought eggs seem to get worse and worse the longer I raise my own. Usually a few cartons to bake with to get through the winter are more than enough. This year has been the longest stretch in 6 that I've had no fresh eggs. I start to miss bacon and eggs, so I cook breakfast, and then I wonder why I did that. Yuck.

      I didn't think the ladies would lay yesterday, due to the stress of moving, but they surprised me with two lovely brown eggs!

      Thank you!

  2. I really enjoy watching a good rooster taking care of his girls. It sounds like you got a good one.

    I can't wait to hear about how the new incubator is working out and seeing photos of you new hatchlings. However, I won't be counting your chickens before they hatch! :-)