Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Trip To The Dump

On the way to the dump yesterday we saw a Mama bear with three cubs standing in the middle of the road.  They took off into the brush before I could even think about grabbing my camera.  Then a forth cub ran out across the road to catch up.  Cute, cute, cute.  Wait a minute.  4 cubs.  One mama bear AND FOUR CUBS!!!  Population explosion.

As we were disposing of our trash, this overly friendly fellow appeared on the other side of the dump.  He hung around for pictures, which was cool.

He looked like he was trying to figure out how to get down into the pit.  The lady working at the dump was surprised to see him there.  Not that bears at a dump are unusual, but this is free tip week.  The dump has been very, very busy. 

He started making his way around the pit.  Getting closer.
Ok boys, time to go.  Get in the truck.  #2 called me chicken.  Yup, that's right.  Get in the truck!

Dump bears are less shy of humans than forest bears.  But still...  free tip week.  The dump is very, very busy.  Middle of the day.  Mama bear with 4 cubs.  Population explosion.  Early spring.  Not a lot to eat yet.  Bear less than 100 feet away...  GET IN THE TRUCK!  That guy was hungry.

There were two pick up trucks blocking the end of the dump driveway.  One facing each direction.  Doors open.  Social hour.  Not unusual in the sticks.  The truck blocking us pulled out, and we started to drive out.  There was a woman with her camera phone standing there by the ditch.  There was a groundhog.  We took pictures of the baby groundhogs in our back yard 2 years ago.  They are pretty cute.  Then the dogs killed them.  Bloody mess when they got one of the parents.

This woman kneels down beside the ditch.  Now I'm fascinated.  The groundhog is less than 2 feet away.  She holds her hand out like you're supposed to to greet a strange dog.  The groundhog walks towards her.  #2 and I both start laughing.  #2 asks, "Is she really that stupid?"

The groundhog stops and looks at us.  I swear he's asking, "Is she really that stupid?"  He goes back into the ditch.  Picks up a potato chip bag and puts it on his head.  Tosses it.  We all laugh.  He moves back towards the woman.  She puts her hand out again.  He slowly makes his way towards her.  She's so happy.  She's making friends.  He stands up on his hind legs.  Looks at her hand.  And bites her.

I am roaring with laughter.  The look on her face is priceless.  Like it never even occurred to her that he might bite her.  Too funny.

As we drove out I said to #2, 'Hey lady, there's a real friendly bear in there.  Why don't you go see if you can pet him, too!'

Husband says I am mean.  I thought it was pretty funny.

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  1. That's what I was thinking, "Is she really that stupid." That is pretty funny. Cute, furry, wild things are not always nice. Even a precious looking baby raccoon was going to bite me. I would just have had to see how she and the hungry bear got along.