Friday, January 21, 2011

Hiding Out in Hermit Land

It's winter.  I'm a hermit.  And I'm struggling with one of the worst cases of the winter blahs I've ever had.

I manage to drag my ass out of bed in the morning, pop a D3 and a couple of B12s, get the kid on the bus.  A cup of tea, and the other three straggle down the stairs.  I give them their assignments, and I go for a nap.

It's cold.  We've been running -25°C to -35°C.  I am freezing.  All I want to do is hide under the covers all day.  I eventually drag my ass back out of bed for a couple of hours and work diligently on trying to get caught up on the taxes.  We're a bit behind, and Revenue Canada is getting a bit annoyed.

#2 finds a movie on in the late afternoons, and I take a break to watch it.  Or at least that's the plan.  I wake up and cook supper.

I can not believe how much I'm sleeping and how tired I still am.  At first I thought it was just the remnants of flu recovery.  We had a relatively mild flu go through the house just after New Year's.  The kids bounced back in a couple of days.  I slept for a week, pretty much straight.  I am getting better now, but that was two weeks ago.  No way I can blame it on the flu now.

To add to my general misery, we had to put Sugar down.  She broke her leg.  We think she probably fractured it when she slipped on the ice, and just couldn't keep her weight on it long enough to heal.  1200 pounds is a lot of weight on a fractured bone.  At least, I can't think of any other way it could have happened.  #2 went out to do chores one morning and found her lying in a pool of blood in the milk room.  The bone had snapped and went right through the skin.  He's completely heart broken.

So we went from 7 to 1.  One horse.  The pasture is sad and lonely.  I think Tori's depressed too.

Wonder, our puppy- just 8 months old now, delivered six puppies.  She went outside and hid in Cindy's doghouse for the delivery.  #1 found her & disturbed her after the second one was born.   She tried to abandon them and come in the house.  We sent her back out to finish her business.  The next morning she had six, but the first two were dead.  We moved her into the house.  Two more have died since- I think she's laying on top of them.  They might be defective though, with her being so young.  We'll see what happens.

Cold, snow, death, misery.  I just don't want to get out of bed.

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  1. That's all brutal. If I lived that far to the north, I would be in the same condition. Weren't you getting a light for SAD? If I did not have these hens that insist on staying in the unfenced yard all day instead of their pen, I would take a nap during the day. Okay, maybe I would take two naps. I bought some D3 for the hens. I may take some of it myself.Too bad about all the animals.