Friday, August 27, 2010

Fencing Again

So I have this little issue with this little horse... Ha ha ha. Bella is anything but little...
For the past week or so I get up in the morning and find her in the middle of the lawn. We keep checking the gates and putting her away, but there didn't seem to be an issue there. There are a couple of spots where the fence is a bit saggy, and the barbed wire is a bit high, so thought maybe she was climbing out between them. We closed in the lawn gates- where we fenced in the yard to let the lawn mowers work- which contains the regular pasture gates, and the next morning we found her in the driveway. Actually, I found her running from the dogs. I yelled at them to get in the house & closed the door. Then I went to settle her down & let her back in the yard. She was very agreeable. I walked back to the house and was greeted cheerfully by my four beasties through the window. I tried to open the screen door, and to my dismay, I found those happy tail waggers had locked me out!!! 6:30 in the morning. Everyone else asleep. No keys. No phone. I pounded on the door, and those little traitors who squack at every noise all day long wouldn't even bark! After about ten minutes of futiley trying to get someone to stir, I walked around the house and pounded on my bedroom window until hubby woke up & let me back in.

The grass is getting pretty thin in the pasture, hot, dry summer this year, along with the cooler temps now, haven't led to a very prosperous hay yield. Yesterday I adjusted the electric fence out back to make more temporary grazing room, and then decided to go walk about around the back side of the pasture. On the way I passed three goats, all out happily grazing behind the pasture, where the grass has been neatly manicured to look like lawn. The fence is a little high in spots, so it didn't surprise me to see them loose. So long as they stay out back & away from my garden, I'm ok with that. Oscar followed me as I made my way around.

I told him to show me where they were getting loose. Indeed he did. As we rounded the corner he jumped over the fence. Hmmm... The fence is too low, but still upright there. We haven't made it that far around yet with the barbed wire. I kept walking and found a section with the wires holding it to the poles broken off. And then just a little farther, my fence scrunched up acordian style. It's so bad that I can walk over it. And I am short. 5 foot nothin'.

What does it mean when the only animals staying in the pasture are obviously there voluntarily?

Repairs today.


  1. Gee, I thought I had it bad trying to keep four chickens in the back yard...without a The dogs locked you out and did not bark? So, funny!

  2. It is funny now. Very frustrating at the time.