Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Wee Bit of Snow

This is a shot from the road on the south end of the pasture towards the barn.
Same spot, with zoom.
It's snowing again today. Just a bit.  See my tiny fence posts?  Cows are walking over top of the fence now.  Mostly just to hang out in the hay lean-to, but occasionally to stand around in the driveway and cause heart failure when we go outside.  Lovely creatures.
I think we may have more snow now than we did that first winter here.  One thing's for sure.  It's enough already.


  1. Replies
    1. The boy is doing ok. He's up on his feet and eating lots. The girl is having some trouble with her back legs. She stands ok when we set her on her feet, but hasn't gotten the hang of getting up on her own yet. We're picking her up to nurse when he nurses, so hopefully she'll gain some strength. We're still tossing around names, and I'm working on getting some cute pictures, but they keep coming out blurry.

  2. Yes, how are the babies? Why do the cows cause you to have heart failure when they stand in the driveway?

    That's a lot of snow. Do you have paths shoveled to the barn and such? Do the chickens venture out, want to go out, or are they content to stay in the house?

    1. It's just disturbing to walk out the door and find yourself face to face with a cow. And then, even though I know it's the boys jumping the fence, I can't help that momentary panic thinking where is everyone else? Where are the horses? Where is the fence broken? Then the dogs start barking and chase them back to the fence and they hop back over.

      The paths aren't really shovelled, just packed down. We only shovel them when we get a couple feet of snow dumped on us all at once. We shovel in front of doors and gates, but that's it. The birds aren't allowed out at these temps. Leaving the door open would cause the pump to freeze. Other than a couple of roosters, the chickens haven't shown any interest in going out since December. The geese are getting antsy though. A couple more days, and then the daytime highs are supposed to be back in the single digits.