Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Transplanting Tomatoes

The 2011 saved seed tomatoes were pushing up against the plastic roof already, so I did their first transplant.  I planted three seeds per jiffy disk originally, and almost all of them had three seedlings growing.  There are two jiffy disks with no San Marzano, and one with no Sweetie.  Almost all of the older seed that did germinate has two seedlings.

I made new pop bottle greenhouses.  I have to do some more rummaging through the recycling before I can transplant the Marzano, Starfire and Sweetie tomatoes.  I peeled the netting off the jiffys and divided them to separate the roots.
I transplanted them with two seedlings in each pop bottle, for a total 13 2L bottles, and 3 1L bottles, 32 plants total.  I buried most of the stems for strong root systems (the stems will grow more root shoots under ground), and plenty of room to keep growing.
So I do get to play in the dirt in February, after all!  Yeah for tomatoes!


  1. I like the little face at the other end of the table. Okay, you have inspired me.