Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kid Pics

So here are some pics of Mama and the little ones.
I'm not sure what's up with Sheila. She constantly slides to the floor in this position, and then can't get up on her own. We pick her up and put her on her feet when Shaq is nursing, and she can stand long enough to nurse. Then she slides back down with her legs splayed out behind her.
Sometimes she starts or keeps nursing from this position, if Mama's standing close enough. But then Mama steps on her, because she can't get out of the way.
She's a hungry little thing, and we're taking that as a good sign. Hopefully she'll catch up to her brother soon.
Shaq is getting more playful every minute.  He's started climbing on the hay bale, the step, and the ledge beside the wood stove.  We haven't been lighting the sunroom stove, because we don't want Mama getting over heated.  Shaq likes to stand right in front of it, just like Bullwinkle did last year.  I think I've got it figured out.  He was head butting his reflection yesterday.  He thinks there's another goat in there!

Shaq has also started wandering off of the hay pile, onto the slippery tile floor.   He does the cutest little dance and maas at his mother.  He went kersplat this morning, into the same splayed out pose as Sheila, and bawled until I put him back on his feet.

With Sheila not doing so well, we're only going to keep her inside all day, and let Mama and Shaq outside for an hour or two to stretch their legs.


  1. oh they are just too cute! i have no idea why Sheila keeps her legs splayed like that - i hope someone who is more knowledgeable than i am can help out!

    your friend,

  2. She might have a Selenium deficiency. You should go to your vet and get a shot of BoSe. Or whatever he/she recommends. Do you live in a Selenium deficient area?
    You can go here if you don't know.

    1. It's possible. We are in a selenium and vitamin E deficient area, so they have access to free choice vitamins and minerals, and vitamin E added to their water. With a lot of coddling last night and this morning, she does seem to be getting better. She's getting a lot of lap time, with the kids holding her legs tucked up in a more natural position. That, and lots of milk seem to be helping a lot. She's now getting up on her own to nurse, and she's nursing about twice as often as Shaq. I'm inclined to think it was their weakened state from the cold before we brought them in the house. Since she seemed stronger at first, we fussed over him more and kind of assumed she was going to be fine. We're going to give her another day, and see if she's recovered sufficiently before we see a vet.

  3. Head butting his reflexion - that must be cute to see! They are sweet, Wendy.

  4. The girls don't butt their reflections? That certainly looks like an uncomfortable position to be in when she slides like that!

    1. I've never seen them do it. Last year when we brought Bullwinkle in by himself, we never say him headbutt his reflection either, he just kept standing right in front of the stove until he burnt himself. Watching Shaq play with his reflection makes me think that Bullwinkle thought there was another goat in there too.