Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tomato Sprouts

Well, aren't we in a hurry!
Yesterday I discovered most of the tomato seed saved from last year's plants was sprouted.  This morning the last couple were up as well.  7 days and 100% germination.  A couple of the San Marzano are up as well, but most of the older, purchased seed is still sleeping.


  1. Why have I not germinated anything? Okay, I will get on it right away.

    Good going. Those tomatoes will certainly taste good.

    1. I'd wait until you're at least feeling better! But also, starting them this early is a lot of work. A lot of transplanting in the weeks ahead. If you don't need to start them this early, you're better off to wait. Why don't you start some lettuces and chards that will be able to go straight into the yard soon?