Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yellow Flowers

Eight years in and I still haven't identified these flowers.  If anyone has an idea, please let me know.

They are perennial.  Each stem has its own root.  The roots are kind of thin hairy taproots.  Leaves are single all the way up the stem.
They get 4-5' tall and bloom around the beginning of August.  They don't really smell like anything.  The bees like them.  The chickens do not.  The cows and goats have nipped at them, but never devoured them.

Any ideas?


  1. It looks like yellow hawkweed, but it is not tall enough. It's pretty.

  2. Wendy - me and jam have been looking at the flowers and trying to compare them on google images - we honestly can't make a guess. i sure hope someone can figure out what they are! much love!

    your friend,

  3. Replies
    1. You might be on to something there. Google images shows a lot of varieties that look very different, but a couple that look very close. Thanks Jacquie! Dolphins and Ticks - you are the flower queen!

    2. Definetly Coreopsis, planted them last year

  4. Do the roots smell like mint I'm trying to identify a flower that looks exactly like this where the roots smell like mint