Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FTX - Field Training Exercise

I don't post much about the cadet program, due to my overprotective privacy issues, but as I post less and less through the winter, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into how I spent my weekend.

 Our Air Cadet Squadron, for which I am a Civilian Instructor, did a weekend field training exercise. We went to a summer camp, so there was real shelter, running water, working bathrooms, and a kitchen.  They are kids after all, so we don't throw them to the wolves.  Still, they learn how to set up arctic tents, which the seniors slept in on Saturday night, and how to build improvised shelters with logs, twigs, tarps, and string. 
 There were campfires in the snow, accompanied by songs, scary stories, and jokes.  The cadets learn how to use camp stoves and cook their own breakfast.  They go trekking through the woods on snowshoes, using compasses to guide their way.
 The sunset over the lake was beautiful.
 The cadets learned how to drill holes, built snow block walls for improvised shelter, tie lines, and ice fish.  That's #1 on his very last cadet trip.  He'll be 19 this Friday, and aged out of the program.

That's me under the tarp, doing a little fishing.  We never caught anything, but it was fun.

The cadets learned how to build a quinzee during our fall FTX, so were eager to grab shovels and get to work on the huge snow piles the ploughs had built for them through the winter.  That's #4 in the entrance way of one of the tunnels they dug.  This was his first cadet trip, having just turned 12 last week.

They had lessons on stargazing, and the opportunity to see Jupiter and several constellations in the night sky.
A busy, fun filled weekend for everyone.


  1. So, you had all four boys there? That must have been fun. I would absolutely hate all you did. However, I really enjoy pictures...lol. I will live vicariously through you if you don't mind. Watching them cook their own breakfasts must have been fun. They are learning good skills. Are girls allowed in or are there equivalent organizations for girls. It might seem not like me, but I think the boys should have their own group as long as girls have the same opportunity for their own segregated groups. I think I might like to ice fish. Thanks for telling us that was you under the tarp.

    How do get to this location?

    1. Yes, all four, and it was great!

      Cadets is for both girls and boys from 12 to 19 years old. We have both male and female officers, who supervise separate sleeping quarters. In our area the girls participating outnumber the boys by almost 2:1.

      We took a bus.