Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gardening 2015

The weather is starting to warm up - 4 days in a row are forecast to be above 0°!We are definitely getting more sunshine, but sadly, also more snow.  One of the downfalls of rising temperatures is always more snow, and I have definitely had enough of it already.  We have approximately 3' in the open areas, 8' in the ditches.

Tomatoes started Feb 20th
Most have germinated.  :)  The bit in front was asparagus that I started from seed, never planted, and didn't water all winter.  I don't expect anything to happen, but you never know, so I left it in.

Garden planning is done, including plans for new fencing to go in around the perennials.  Plans in green, current in black.

13 weeks until our 'frost free' date.


  1. Wendy - you sure are on the ball with your planning! i won't be starting anything indoors until next week - brassicas and onions and the like. i'll move them to the greenhouse on april 1st and then start tomatoes and peppers indoors - as soon as the ground is workable, i'll move the brassicas out and direct sow new kale, swiss chard and peas. by may, i'll be able to start some stuff in the greenhouse and by june everything else will be planted.

    a couple of questions - do you can or freeze your peas and beans? last year we froze a ton of peas and beans and we really don't like them! we also don't really like canned peas and beans, so i think i will just plant enough of them to eat during the summer and fall. and the other question - what are the yellow flowers?

    anyway - spring is almost upon us and i am soooo looking forward to this year's garden! much love to you and yours, as always! (glad to see you posting!) your friend,

    1. Are you still getting frost when you put your brassicas out? I've been tempted to try putting them out earlier. Long cold winter- not much to do but plan. ;)

      Peas we only eat fresh or in pea soup (dried). I've always hated them cooked, lol. Beans I freeze, lightly blanched. They're better in the fall/early winter. Now they're getting a little freezer burned/dried out/tough. I did can some a couple of years ago when we had a bumper crop. I had frozen more than a year's worth and figured they would last longer canned than in the freezer. They're pretty much like store bought canned beans, a bit rubbery. Edible, but not my favourite.

      I don't know!!! lol! They came with the house. I have looked at a million pictures of yellow flowers online and never found anything that quite matched. I'll post a couple of pictures.

      Yes, Spring is in the air. I'm starting to feel alive again. Thank you. It's great to hear from you too!

  2. You are always an inspiration, not that I try to do as well. I wondered it your weather was so much colder and harsh like ours was. We would die in your weather.

    1. Our winter was actually milder than last year. We got about the same amount of snow, maybe a bit less, and of course lots of -20° to -30°C weather. We didn't get the -50° extremes this winter though, which was much better, in my opinion anyway. It was kind of funny watching the news this year though. They kept including us in all of those arctic cold weather advisories that were hitting southern Ontario and down into the states. We'd get them, it just wasn't as bad as previous winters for us.