Saturday, August 31, 2013

The New Coop

The first two pens are ready, and a little over filled. 

We have a couple of hawks in the area, and they've been targeting my hens- smaller and easier to fly off with than the meat roosters.  The numbers have dropped drastically.  We finished the first two pens yesterday, and moved all of the hens in.
Original rooster and eight of the original hens are in one pen right now.

The ladies like their new nesting boxes.  I hope that means we'll start seeing some eggs again soon.  They either stopped laying in the turkey pen or started laying wherever they happened to be.  One egg in three weeks.

Sexy rooster (no one mentioned that was not an M name) (he's one of ours) is in the other pen with 7 meat hens and 6 of our hatchlings.  We need to move the nesting boxes from the old chicken coop over for them yet.  Both pens still need roosts as well.

Once the other two pens are ready we'll choose two of the meat roosters to keep and divide the hens up, giving everyone more space.  I still have 6 chicks in the brooder as well, who will be moving in.  Hoping for hens!!

It's not quite what I had originally planned to keep, but it'll have to do.


  1. It all looks good! And, the hens appear to like the boxes--just one opening/reservation left, it appears. I want more hens, but I want the hens to do all the work for chicks.

    1. If your hens go broody you could try swapping out their eggs with some farm fresh eggs. They might do the work for you.