Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Morning

This is what greeted me when I walked outside yesterday morning.  We slept in a bit, and Max and Maurine were at the door waiting for their bottles.  Sheila and Mary Jane came along to investigate.

I attempted to pet Mary Jane, and she ran off to the add a room.  And jumped on the table.  Don't mind the mess- it's under construction.

I went and got Minuet, and let her walk the path to the turkey pen.  She was still in the yard when I let the birds out.  Goose and Gackle could hear her chirping away, and were eager to get outside.  Gackle didn't even stop to eat.  She ran straight to Minuet.

Goose caught up a few minutes later, and the little family headed into the garden.  (That's a turkey on the right.)  After I finished picking weeds I fed the birds and penned them back up.  The geese all went back in the pen.  I watched them for awhile, and figured Minuet was safe in their care.  No turkey attacks, and any bird that got too close was hissed away. 

Everything was fine until bed time, when I scooped up Minuet to take her back to the brooder.  Goose stood up, hissing, and flapped his wings at me.  If I saw them set over her, I'd leave her with them overnight.  Our nights are too cool to not have her under heat.  They'll just have to wait until morning.


  1. That is so sweet that Goose and Gackle want to be with Minuet and keep her with them.

    You are adding a room? To the house? What will be its purpose?

    1. No, we added the room to the trailer a few year's back. I guess I spilled the beans. See today's post.

  2. oooh Wendy - i am so excited about this add a room - please tell us more! and i am glad that Goose and Gackle are taking care of little Minuet. i have caught up on all of your back posts - but didn't read anything about why you named her Minuet? did i miss a post?

    your friend,

    1. No, I never said, lol.

      It's an M year.

      I love geese. Baby geese have got to be the cutest critters on the planet.

      I love Star Trek.

      Minuet just fit.

  3. I admire your menagerie. Some day I hope to have one of my own. In the mean time I'll have to live vicariously. :-)