Friday, August 30, 2013


Meats and Meals!
The boys rejected my choice of Bacon and Hammy (names we've used before) on the grounds that this is an M year, after all...  One castrated male (the bigger one), one female.

They're Yorkshire Landrace crosses.

Don't they look yummy?  Kind of cute, too, lol.  That's just dirt, they're all pink.

They've been raised on scratch grain and garden/kitchen waste.

I cooked them breakfast of oats, scratch grain, milk, and potatoes.  They said they'd prefer it cooled off, but after a few minutes they started munching away.

The fellow didn't sell my pigs to someone else after all.  He delivered them last night- in the dark.  His helper was impressed with our pig pen and making plans to build two for sows at his place next year.  They figure we need to go about a foot higher though.

Despite the pouring rain today, they seem happy.

School starts next week, Tuesday for #3 AND #4...  We won't be homeschooling any more.  For now, anyway.  #1 and #2 go back on Wednesday.  So, I will be a full time farmer, on my own, for the first time EVER...  Scary, lol.  I'm going to take the first week to get back into practice milking- #1 does most of the milking now- and then wean Monsoon and Maureen...  and put them out in the pasture.  We'll keep Murphy out as our relief milker, and because he's so much thinner than the other two, and the majority of the milk will be turned into BACON!

Mmmm...  BACON!


  1. Those are pretty little piggies. Now, how are you going to milk Murphy if he is a he? And, how can you turn milk into bacon? Are you an alchemist?

    You will still have chores for them after school? Then, maybe it won't be so hard on you sending them off the school.

    1. Mildred sleeps alone. We milk in the morning. Then the calves spend the day with her, nursing as they please/as she allows. By putting Maureen and Monsoon out to pasture, Mildred will have more milk to share. Murphy should gain some weight, and we'll probably get double to triple the amount of milk from her. The excess milk will be fed to the pigs, which will later be butchered and turned into bacon.

      The boys leave at 7am, and return after 5pm. It's a long bus ride. And then homework. Through the winter they're gone before sunrise, back after sunset. So, no, not a lot they'll be doing, except weekends.

    2. That is a long day for them, for anyone!

      Murphy as a relief milker means he gets milk, not gives? Got it.

  2. Exciting times! Cute and yummy looking piggies. So is #4 super excited for school? Sarah is..move in day is Monday.