Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Little Red Hen

I have one little red banty hen. She's been sitting in the nest box for the past couple of weeks. She pecks at us when we try to take the eggs. I thought it was a little early for her to be broody, but since she doesn't want to leave, why I should I argue?
I did decide to move her though.  Moving hens and eggs after the first chick hatched last year didn't work out very well, and letting them hatch eggs in the nesting boxes doesn't work either.
I converted the chick brooder to a cage, with some wire and feed bags on top.  Gave her a cardboard box to nest in, with some hay, and fake plastic eggs.

If she settles on the fake eggs over the next couple of days, I'll switch them for some fresh eggs and let her try to hatch them.


  1. Oh goody! Chicks! I hope it all works out. Mine sit for hours each day on nothing. I hope she is happy and you get chicks.

    1. I hope it works. So far she has taken to sitting in a corner, as far away from the fake eggs as she could get.

  2. I'm curoius as heck. Did she start to set?