Friday, December 9, 2011

Pumpkin Treats and Butter

Pumpkin Treats.  Terrible picture.
Of course, the old standbys- Pumpkin Pie and pumpkin bread.  Of the new recipes that interested me, I tried the pumpkin pie squares (yuck.  Worse than pumpkin pie.  Mouthful of mush.  I swear kids and Husband will eat anything.  I can't believe they let me put that in my mouth.), pumpkin brownies (nice, but weird.  I think I'll add more cocoa in the future), and pumpkin sheet cake (this one I like, moist, fluffy cake, almost like carrot cake or spice loaf.  Yummy).

Another crappy picture
And since my Christmas present arrived, I thought I'd try it out by canning something you're not supposed to can...  Pumpkin butter.  7 half pints. 

I stuck my finger in the leftover pot, and as always, I figure it tastes like a bowl full of sugar.  All of my jams, jellies, syrops lately-  they all taste like sugar to me.  I think my sweet tooth is dieing off in my old age.  The kids cleaned the pot out though, so I don't think this stuff will be hanging out in the cold room too long. 

I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday scouring the web for canning recipes.  I found some interesting things to try, but not quite what I was looking for.  My first canning goal with my new pressure canner, is to replace all of those canned soups and stews that husband likes to eat for lunch.  I know I saw a blog not that long ago that had the types of recipes I was looking for, but no luck finding it yesterday.  I didn't bookmark it at the time, because I had no idea that I would be getting a pressure canner.  Crap.  Anybody got any good sites to recommend? 


  1. You don't like pumpkin pie? Maybe you are not using a recipe that is really good. That's a nice pressure cooker. Maybe you can get us a better picture some day. And, what kind is it and what is the capacity? I have seen the sites you are talking about, but never bookmark them.

  2. Here's a few sites that have some great canning ideas. Love your new pressure canner - lucky girl. That will help freeing up some freezer space and move some of the yummy meat to your shelves.
    - canninggranny.blogspot
    - paratusfamilia.blogspot
    - rural-revolution
    - creativecanning.blogspot
    one more. It's one of those sites that tells you all the stuff you shouldn't can but has good info and videos too.(yes, I know you live in Canada)
    Happy Canning!

  3. simply canning is a good resource too..Congrats on the pressure canner :)

    worth a try

  5. The canning ideas have changed. Now, you can can pumpkin and sweet potatoes in chunks. Before, the rule was no pressure canning of these two.

  6. PP- Nope, I don't like pie in general (don't like pie crust), don't like pumpkin pie in particular (really hate nutmeg), and don't like puddings or jello, or 'mushy' food. I think the recipe's ok though. When I take pies to gatherings I always go home with empty pans and disappointed kids, lol.

    The canner is a 23 quart Presto.

    I'd really like to know more about how the pros can pumpkin puree.

    herdog- Thanks for all the sites, and welcome! I'm not sure about canning meat yet though.

    Cranberry- Thank you, thank you, thank you! lol. (Cranberry sent me the link for the canner on sale, and Husband said to go ahead and order it. Awesome.) And thanks for the sites!