Monday, December 5, 2011

Food Bank Drive

The Bigs' school runs a food bank drive every year in December. The first week of the drive is a competition between classrooms. The classroom that hauls in the most donations wins a pizza party.  It's a pretty stiff competition, too.  Some of the teachers encourage their students by matching the donations they bring in.  #1 took about three cans to school every day of the drive last year.  They were running out of room in the classroom, and his teacher was starting to worry about how much it was going to cost her to match it.  They ended up coming in second place!

The second week of the drive, students go door to door around town collecting donations.  Their gym looked like a small grocery store when they were done.  It was an amazing accomplishment!

This year it's an even stiffer competition.  #2 just happens to have the same teacher #1 had last year.  And #1 just happens to have the teacher whose class won last year.  The pressure is on.  Starting in my cold room.  lol.

Last year I suggested a few things that I wouldn't miss to #1.  After he took those items, he helped himself to a couple of cans of whatever he felt like.  He didn't make too much of a dent in our supplies, but it was noticeable.

This year, this morning, I went to the cold room with them and picked out a variety of items that I won't miss. 
Some things I planned for- like the evaporated milk and assorted coffee pouches.  They were offered free with coffee purchases earlier in the year, so I saved them for the food drive.  Some things were a bit of an excess here, like BBQ sauce and salad dressing.  The rest was just a can of this, a can of that.  We won't miss it. 

So I told the boys to take what they wanted out of this selection.  If they haul it all off to school before the end of the drive I'll have to pick out another box full of goodies.

I told the boys to ask when the food bank pick up would be, or if the school has any freezer room.  I have two store bought turkeys that I bought on sale, probably last Easter., that I'd be happy to donate.  I told them to ask if home canned goods would be accepted as well.

Please support your local food bank. 

A long, long, time ago, when #1 was just a baby, and #2 was on his way, we were in a car accident.  Husband suffered acute whiplash and was off work for several months.  We had no food storage.  We had no savings.  The food bank saved us.  It could happen to any of us.  Please give.


  1. i love it that the boys, and the school, and your community are so into the food drive.

    your story about the accident and having no food is so can happen to anyone. it reminds me of when my family of 6 drove from Alberta to Cape Breton for my dad to get a job in the coalmine. he didn't get the job for almost 2 months and we did not have any real reserve cash. we landed about a week before Christmas and my mother said that she and my father knew it would be a bleak one! but someone from the Salvation Army showed up at the door a few days after we landed with a hamper full of food, a turkey, a ham, fresh produce and Christmas presents!!! my mother said that she cried and cried tears of thankfulness for days. and it became a real treat for us to always put money in the Salvation Army bell ringers bowls every Christmas when we went to the mall. it felt good to pay it back.

    thanks for such a nice post Wendy!

    your friend,

  2. Wendy,

    I am not talking to you here, just in general. People need to remember, this is not the time to clean the shelves in their home of badly out-of-date or bulging cans or buggy boxes of pasta!

    Even though I was the minister's wife, I was not in charge of food collection at our church. However, when I saw some bulging cans, I became involved in the blink of an eye. I went through every can on the table and started throwing them is a can about 6-10 feet away.

    My anger was very unbecoming and I raised my voice. "Why would anyone give bad food to people with no food?" On and on, I went. Other church members brought the trash can closer since I was heaving lots of food at it. Some just watched while others started going through the bags of food.

    After church when others had mostly left, a very contrite man, one who had more money than anyone else in the church, came to me. He said he was sorry, but that was his mother's donation. She had gone through her cabinets for her donation. He either gave me money or brought more food.

    Okay, I am on a I know you said, "things you would not miss." I know it was food you gave that you would eat. Ex always wanted to get the cans of cheapest food from the grocery shelves. I taught the children that if you will only eat a certain brand of peaches, beans, canned milk, give people what you think is best, not the brand that is easiest on the wallet.

    I have climbed up pretty high on this soap box, so let's see if I can get down without hurting myself.

  3. Kymber- Thank you. Sorry you had to experience it first hand as well, but glad that you understand the joy in paying it back.

    PP- I have to disagree, somewhat. It's an excellent time to go through your shelves and throw out (in the trash) any food that you would not eat. And then think about how much food you have that might end up in the same condition because you won't eat it up fast enough. Donate that excess, rather than letting it sit in your cupboards until it becomes unusable.

    I admire your tenacity in teaching your children to give the things they like to eat, rather than what might be cheapest. There are very few items that I'm, personally, brand specific on, most often buying the store brands for my family because they're cheaper. And if you can get a few deals throughout the year and buy a little extra with the food bank in mind, so much the better!

  4. Wendy, I was not criticizing your method at all. But, my only point was not to give spoiled food. I am not against any what you suggested. But, I think it is sinful to give the worst to poor people. I don't think you do that. Now, food that has just escaped the kitchen menu that I am not going to eat up is a good candidate for donating. I know almost out-of-date food is still fine. I suppose a person has to examine the motive for giving each item.

    Right now, I go to a food bank. Anything I cannot, will not use goes to four different friends. None are starving. Sometimes, I take things back to the food bank for them to redonate.

    I think it is great your children help so diligently with this food drive.