Monday, December 12, 2011

Funny Looking Chickens

I took a bin of sprouted bird seed out to the chicken pen yesterday. The turkeys were happy to see me.
It seems that we managed to luck out and not butcher two toms and three hens.  We're still letting them out every day.  They seem to like the extra space and fresh air, despite the cold.  I'm leaning more toward keeping them to breed next year.  They've reached a formidable size.  I have plans to increase security in the turkey pen this spring.  With a little luck, it could work.
The geese are also fans of winter outdoors.  Goose always did like to have a snow bath.  Keeping clean is more important to them than a little bit of a chill.  The geese made short work of my  seed tray.  Unlike a chicken, which will cackle in delight when they find something tasty and attract a crowd, the geese were pretty quiet as they gulped down the greens.  They didn't want to share.
These guys, however, are quite intent to hide inside most of the day.  Not even fresh green bird feed would lure them out on this chilly day. 

The ducks wander in and out as well, but I didn't get a picture.

And since it was a lovely bright day when I took these pics, and they're still dark, the problem seems to be with my phone.  Crap.  I cleaned the lens cover, and changed the settings to night.  Hopefully that will help.

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  1. The last picture looks like an old world painting. I love it.

    I give broth, stock, liquid of any kind to my hens. I throw anything in it that might soak up the broth. I put a cup of broth/liquid in a bowl and put in bread crumbs, the uncooked whole wheat pasta that tastes gross. (Only one brand is gross.) They go nuts over whatever I put in broth.

    A snow bath? I never heard of that. Brrr, makes me chilly.