Friday, November 18, 2011

Price of Beef

This week's Food Basics flyer has the following beef on sale
outside round roast or steak - $5.49/ lb
sirloin tip roast or steak - $5.99/ lb

Links (if they work at all) will only work temporarily.  When the new flyer goes up next week it'll wipe these out.

In other words- rump roast ranging from $3-6 per pound.  I cut each side into 5-6 roasts.  12 roasts of approximately 4 pounds each.  At $5/pound, my roasts would currently be valued at $240.

No Frill's
stewing beef - $3.99/ lb
I've got ten packages so far, roughly 2 pounds each, with approximately 4 more packages left to trim.  Value- $112

inside round roast - $4.99/ lb
strip loin steak - $9.99/ lb
top sirloin roast or club pack steak - $2.99/ lb

24 top sirloin steaks, about a pound each, $71.76

red grill angus tenderloin or steak - $14.99/ lb
stewing beef - $3.99/lb

Tenderloin.  Times two.  At least three pounds each.  Yum!!!  $90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cut t-bone steak and rib steak, over a pound each, 50 steaks.  Conservatively, at $6/ lb (that'd be a really good sale) $300.

Shoulder blade and other assorted roasts, guessing roughly $5/ lb, approximately 4 pounds each X 18 - $360.

Corned beef- This will be experimental, post to come... - approximately 24 pounds @ $8/ lb (the last price I saw it on sale for)- $192

Ribs.  Hmmm.   I've never bought beef ribs.  I can only remember even considering it once when these dinky little packages were on sale for about $4 each.  That was at least two years ago.  At that price, comparatively, I've got about $48 or so worth of ribs.

Comparatively, $1413 worth of mostly run of the mill, whatever came off the assembly line beef.  Compared to organic grass fed beef- ha!  Can you even buy it here?  Cause that's what he was!  I'm guessing, maybe, double it?  $2826

Plus tallow and beef stock and dog food.

I paid $1000 for Steaks, and with any luck, come spring, he will be a daddy to three new born calves.  I'm pretty sure I got one hell of a bargain.

Thank you Steaks, and thank you Mother Earth for this bountiful harvest!


  1. Wendy - when it is busted out like that - it makes you want to laugh! and cry! we are fortunate to have an organic beef farmer near us (about 2hrs away). we haven't made arrangements with him yet - but we did meet and exchange phone numbers. calling him is the next thing on our list of things to do!

    thanks for sharing! your friend,

  2. I tell you, the first time we butchered and realized how little it costs for a totally organic beef we were humbled and sad for everyone else.

    We will NEVER buy store bought beef again. We also raise chicken, turkey, sheep to eat.

    Isn't simple living amazing?


  3. "Wendy's House of Beef"

    That was a fantastic post.

    I was a little shocked that Steaks was dead as soon as progeny were on the way. Of course, I suppose he would be dead if he didn't produce.

    Are you going to buy Steak,Jr?"

  4. Kymber- I'd be interested to hear what kind of prices they're selling a half or a quarter for.

    Jennifer- do you do your own butchering as well? It is amazing! We are lucky to be able to live this life.

    PP- lol. Thanks. Steaks was going in the freezer in the fall either way. We haven't done pregnancy tests, and honestly, we never saw him on top of the girls at all. We will wait until spring to see what happens.

    We won't be buying another yearling bull like that, no. We bought Toothless this year as well, the newborn calf. He will be our bull next year, and possibly for a few years to come. As long as he produces, and stays friendly.

    We plan to put Casper (Dorie's calf) in the freezer next fall. If we do have three calves in the spring, we may be ready to start selling the following year. We'll be keeping the heifers (girls) for stock, and a steer (castrated male)for ourselves. Extra steers will be available for sale. Once Toothless has breeding age daughters he will have to be replaced. At that point I will buy another bottle calf to replace him. And if we have no calves this spring, I'll buy another bottle calf for the following year's beef.