Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brrr... It's cold in here...

-40° C last night.  
47° F in the house this morning.  
With both fires roaring all day, we're up to a balmy 67° F.  
It warmed up to -24° C outside.
Tonight's low is only supposed to go to -33° C.

The kitchen is much warmer.  Almost unbearably hot, actually.
The sunroom fire heats the kitchen.
The oven has been on all day.  Bread this morning.  Ham all afternoon.
A fan pushes heat from the sunroom through the kitchen, towards the livingroom.
Upstairs feels like the fire went out hours ago and nobody bothered to relight it.
There is frost on the inside of all the windows.  And up the inside of the doors.

The truck wouldn't start this morning.  It was plugged in all night.
Dad's truck wouldn't start this morning.  It was plugged in all night.
The car wouldn't start this morning.
Hubby put the charger on the battery for a couple of hours.
That, along with some ether, and the spare battery, got the car going.
He boosted everything else with the car.

After running for nearly two hours, the truck is still not warmed up.
Hubby has left for work anyway.

Keeping Dorie in the chicken coop over night has kept the pump from freezing.
The pump in the barn is frozen solid.
Not enough bodies, too much space.
We'll be carting water from the chicken coop to the barn for the rest of the winter.

It's cold in here.


  1. Help me. Who is Dorie? Why would keeping Dorie in the chicken coop keep the pump from freezing? Sorry, but it was balmy in Alabama today. There is a reason I don't live in the North. That reason kept me indoors for a solid week minus about 18 hours--snow, ice, weather below freezing for six days, day and night.

    Do you keep vehicles indoors, in a garage or barn at night? What do you mean "plugged in?" Are they electric vehicles. I am sorry to be so obtuse about all this.

  2. Dorie is my cow, the one that we milked when she lost her calf. The front part of the chicken coop is the 'milk room'. Even though we aren't milking right now, we plan to once she calves in the spring, so we bring her into the milk room at night. Her body heat in the smallish space is working much better than the three heat lamps we have going all winter.

    The trucks have block heaters to plug in. It heats the engine so it's more likely to start in bad weather. Thanks for asking!